Poison to Purse
Table of contents
Poison hath residencePretender blessing the
    the British stagePretty woman
    to shunPrevail in suit
Poisoning of a dartPrevaricate thou dost
Poisons he fed onPrevent your day
Pole to reachPrevention
Polemic divinePrey at fortune
PompPriam’s curtain
    plain withoutPrice
    take physicPride
Ponderous woe    in poesy
Ponders events    pomp of war
Pool gabbled o’er the    spite of
    and content    atheous
    as winterPrime joyous
    in abundancePrince of charioteers
    is the friendlessPrince’s son
    naked wretchesPrinces
    old man    like
    plenty makes mePrinciples
Pope tell thePrint name in
Population of a dew-drop    books in
Porcelain this is thePrior’s epitaph
    of clayPrison a house of care
Porcupine    but a larger room
    quills uponPrivilege break
Porridge and your    in evil
Porridge coldPrize
Porbinger moulded on a    pocketed
Porter surlyProbation bear
PortraitProclaims the man
Posie I made aProcrastination the thief
Possibilities andProdigious actions
Post landscape of aProdigal
    or pension    of grace
Potations    portion
Pottle deepProfanation void of all
PovertyProgeny of learning
    consentsPrologue precede
    content withPromise
    cradled intoPromissory note
    laugh atProof
    to lips    controvertible
Powder flung away    few withstand
    food forProofs unity in the
Power aboveProperty of easiness
    but not to killProphesy I will
    devil hathProphesy a man may
    in VeniceProphet
    lust ofProphetic of the doom
    or the right    soul
    to woundPropria quæ maribus
    unknownProse measur’d
Practical divinity    run mad
Practice of religion    senseless
Practise the sameProspect before us
Praise    goodly
    against willProstrate my heart
    nor blame our ownProtests too much
    shall halt behind herProud
    the Lord    death
Praises are our wages    setter up
Praising what is lost    that should be
Prank them in authority    to importune
Prate and preachProve a friend
Prattle tedious    it
Pray    this
    madam read itProverb of the mind
    you avoid itProvidence means
Prayer    rubs which
    book    value of its favours
    is businessProvocation
    things wrought by    too great
    voice of faithPrudent man
Prayers comfortPrune stewed
    deal to myPsalms to hornpipes
Preached practised what hePublic haunt
Preacher    care
Preacher’s languagePudding an added
Precede and we’llPuddings two
Precedent for aPuller down
PrecipitatePulpit drum ecclesiastic
    thingsPulse of life stood still
Predestination    my as yours
Pre-eminence of agePurchase for a friend
Prent itPurple green into
Prerogative poor    light
Presage ofPurpose shake my fall
Presence brought day    clean from
Present for my lovePurse
Press    can buy
Press’d with    opes to a sixpence
Press’d with weight    put money in
Presumption    steals my
Pretend to know
Pretended friend

  By PanEris using Melati.

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