Perils to Points
Table of contents
Perils do environPlain blunt man
    mighty    neither stay in
Perish the lore    without pomp
    hang my head andPlan the simple
    in quiet let him    not without a
Perjuries common as bad pence    reason drew
    at lovers’, Jove laughsPlanets
Perjury upon my soul    instruct the
    a base    listening stood
Perpendiculars    to their spheres
PerspectivePlanter’s care
Persuasion hung uponPlate sin with gold
PerusalPlatform half reflects the other
Perus’d with carePlato
Petar hoist with his ownPlatter cleanly
Petticoat doublet courageous toPlay
Petticoats religious    he made a
Petty men    measure of
Phantasma like a    the devil
Pharmacy    the foolish
Philippi    the men
Phillis    -things
    teaching    there be
Phrase with aPlayer’s part
    absurdPlay’s the thing
Phrase of peacePlays his part
    is to the matter    many parts
Physic    such tricks
    of the fieldPlead their cause
    that’s bitterPleads fair usage
    to the dogsPleasant to see
Physician    to severe
    heal thyselfPleas’d as I am now
    wise    to the last
Physicians where there are three    us less
Picture look on this    us more
    not so bad    with a rattle
    on top    with thyself
    seen myPlease
Pictures    at once
Pie in your    to live
    is not freedPleasing dreadful thought
Pieces underlaid with    shape assume a
Pierce itPleasure all health and
Piercing night’s dull ear    after pain
Pierian spring    all hope
Pigmy’s straw    and pain unmix’d
Pigs and basket    at the helm
    squeak    great
Pile without inhabitant    heavenly
Pillar of salt    in another’s pain
Pillory thy cousin    in being mad
Pilot slumber at the helm    in poetic pains
Pin    in the pathless woods
    a day    of day, improve
    a dishclout    praise
Pinch    sweet is
Pinions trembling    that
Pink of courtesy    the servant
Pin’s feePleasure ’tis all my
PiousPleasures doubling
    action    in our hands
    frauds    in prospect rise
Pipe light hisPledges to fortune
    from all to myPlenty all cheering
    o’er weekly news    can separate
Pipes and his papers    crown’d
Piping time of peace    made him poor
Pirate    makes me poor
    thou notablePlenty’s reign
PitchPloughed up the daisy
    he that touchethPloughman homeward plods
Pitchy mantlePluck from memory
Pith of great    safety
Pitiful ’twas wondrousPlume, lent hisi
Pitiless stormPlump
PityPlunder forbear
    a tear forPocket
    challenge double    up abuse
    dwelt there    up wrong
    he best canPoet
    like a naked babe    very much like
    melts the mind    born a
    part of lovePoeta nascitur non fit
    something toPoetical
    the manPoetry
    the tide of love    and love
    those who love    it is not
    warm’d his breast    mincing
Place for theePoet’s eye
    other things give    pen
Place sacred    aim
    sense ofPoets and painters
Plac’d far off    lose praise
Plague    three
    him I’llPoint his finger at
    o’ both your housesPoints
    of sighing    all
    of your life    stand upon
    the inventor

  By PanEris using Melati.

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