Pace to Peril
Table of contents
Pace equalPast
Pacing forth    corporal toil
    the forest    grief past help
Paddle with the palm    praise the
Paddling in your neck    to the
    palmsPasture full of
Page prescribed    feed me in a green
    the moralPastures lead the stag to new
Paid is well satisfiedPatch a wall
    for every thing he doesPaths various
Pain aromaticPatience
    ceaseless    and shuffle the cards
    disease and strife    gazing on kings’ graves
    never feels    hear
    mix’d    must endure
    was mixed in all    on a monument
    weight of    poor that have not
Pains poetic    sat on one hand
Paint an inch thickPatient
    damnation gay    as the dove
    he best can    how does your
    like nature    must minister
    the lily    minister to himself
Painters and poets    ’tis not for me to be
Pair happiestPatines of bright gold
    kindestPatriots true
    shivering    boast
Pairs in love and honourPatron and the jail
Palace for crowned truthPattern in himself
    for deceit to dwell inPaul or Tully
Palate pleased    ’s churchyard
Pale cast of thoughtPaunches fat, have lean pates
    his firePause for a reply
    horse    from toil
    melancholy    must give us
    suns unfelt    of chat
Palm dull not thyPay
Palmam qui meruit ferat    out of my
Palmer worm    ’tis against my profession
Palls on sense    your fees
Palpable obscure    your music
Pang as greatPays base is the slave that
    that rends    a scanty pause for breath
Pangs arthritic    counts his hand
    keen    fair-eyed farewell
Pantaloon    hath her victories
Paper diet    is all thy own
Papers in each hand    no
Paradise of fools    rules the day
    below    sit you down
    fool’sPeacemaker best
    is aPearl
Paragon    and linen
Paragon’d of the world    full many a
Parallel admits no    in an oyster shell
    can be his    may in a toad’s head dwell
ParalyzedPearl of the ocean
Paramour a thing of noughtPearls
    for a sweet voice    and diamonds
Parchment son of    at random strung
Pard bearded like    son of
Pardon after execution    purest
    it the phrase    search for
    nurse of woePebbles on show
    they ne’er    peeping through a brook
Parent not contend withPedantic thing
    loves to tracePeers of England
    of allPeevish opposition
    of dayPeg to hang his thoughts upon
    treePegasus fiery
Parliament going to    never gallop
Parlour splendoursPen
Parson    and papers
    own’d    famous by my
Part pang alone to    goose
    to meet again    of poet
    we dimly scan    one hand the
Parted seeming    that can write
Parthians    that mighty instrument
    like the    thy father, the
    shot backward    with one good
Partial evilPencil tipp’d with lead
PartingPenetrable stuff
    eloquence inPenmanship cramp piece of
    heartPenny turn in the way of trade
    kissPenury repress’d their noble rage
    was well madePensioner on the bounties
Parting such sweet sorrowPeople a herd confus’d
Partner in the trade    many-headed beast
Partridge quakePeople’s breath
Passenger pukes in    hearts
Passing fairPerdition catch
    richPerfect be thou
Passion one masterPerfection in your first essay
    see some fitPerfume lost
    sways judgment    the violet
    torn to tattersPerfum’d like
    whirlwind ofPeril in thine eye
Passive obedience

  By PanEris using Melati.

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