O to Oyster
Table of contents
O Lud! how wise he isOnly hate
    that men shouldOpen candid, generous
    that this too solid flesh    foe
    there be players    manly
    what a fallOpinion
    what may man    a fool
    wonderful son    of affairs in general
O wad some power    on crutches walks
Oak    this fool gudgeon
    patriarch of the trees    stiff in
Oak’s prideOptics behold with
Oath    given
Oaths of judgment and reason    multiply sins
Obey I shallOpposed
    nature’s laws    as darkness
Object if he dare    to God and truth
ObjectionOpposing end them
Oblivion rasure ofOpposition peevish
Obscure the palpableOracle I am sir
Observe I doOrator I am no
    you now of lateOrators more than my tears
Observed of all observersOrb which thou beholdest
    sat    heaven’s first law
Obstruction cold    in all line of
Ocean I have loved thee    me bread and cheese
    bear    this matter better
    earth airOrdinary, ten shillings
    graspOrdnance in the field
    into tempestOrisons in thy
    of truthOrthodox their doctrine
OccasionOthello’s occupation
    let not passOther men’s sins
Occupation books are    things give place
Odd old endsOther’s meat
Odds all evenOuches in his skin
Oderous comparisons areOunce one
Odious comparisons areOur country
Odyssey, Pope’s    country manners
Off    life
    goes his bonnet    own felicity
    with his headOurselves born not for
Offence    alone
    all is not    are to ourselves
    at trifles, take not    ignorant of
    from amorous causes    similitude
    is rank    to know
Offend the earOut of the abundance
    who fears to    brief candle
    if I in this    damn’d spot
Offender never pardons    of love
Offends me to the soul    of mind
Offending Adam    of my door
Office I do not like the    of this nettle danger
    ignorance in    of view
Oft coversOutrun
    it has beenOutside form’d so fair
    the sight    goodly
    we see    falsehood
Often took leaveOutsport discretion
Oil the midnightOutward show
Oh that mine adversaryO’er the house
OldO’Erleaps itself
    age a second childO’Erstep not
    came creeping inO’Erthrown noble mind
    age accompanyOver civil
    and young    shoe tops
    faces    violent
    friendsOvercome us
    for ladies’ love unfit    but half
    I amOvercomes by force
    John of GauntOverland
Old man broken with storms    no man any thing
    man is twice a child    you one
    man eloquentOwest me thy love
    pedigreeOwn enjoy his
    time    with mine
    time correctOyster
    time shall lead him    cross’d in love
    though I look    of me
    when they grow    wench
    you are
Older than Saturn
Omnipotence to spare
On argument
    my bare head
Once for all, and ever
    day end it
    genius fit
    hand the sword
    master passion
    murder made
    pain is lessen’d
    rosy mouth
    science only
    touch of nature
    truth is clear

  By PanEris using Melati.

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