Nag to Not
Table of contents
Nag shufflingNew are tried
Naiad guardian    hatched comrade
Nail care adds a    landscapes
Naked heart    scenes arise
    through the world    subjects
    poor wretches    nothing is
Name and a    thing under the sun
    lost good    year’s day
    filches myNews evil
    good or evil    from all nations
    he left a    good
    in print    manna of a day
    mark the marble with    of mischief
    the bigger light, and less    older than their ale
    under picture    unwelcome
    without a    what
Napes of necksNewsman
Nappy bousing atNewton Sir Isaac
Nation’s eyes    like a youth
Nations distress ofNice than wise, more
    of the fieldNight-cap fatigue is a
    knew their lord    darker grows
    three    drawing dark
Native charm    endless
    of resolution    hideous
    land    is fled
Nativity chance or death    not to be seen
    at my    of sorrow
Natural to die    or day
Nature and nature’s laws    retires
    broke the mould    returning at
    cries    sable goddess
    falls to revolt    shades of
    form’d but one    that knows no morrow
    friend to truth    whose sable hand
    gave thee    with all her stars
    hath fram’dNightingale
    has decreed    heard
    is but artNight’s candles burn out
Nature laws wise as    swift dragons
    listening stoodNile bank of
    lost her needleNo care beyond
    made a pause    I tell you
    made his blemish    like
    mirror to    living with thee
    of figuring the    living without thee
    through her works    love lost
    to eternity    man cried
    up to nature’s God    man’s pie
    was his book    more of that
    read    nightingale
Nature’s chief masterpiece    no not for Venice
    hand attired by    one ever knew
    journeymen    sense have they
    laws    tricks in plain and simple
    selfNoah a sailor
    soft nurseNobility leave our old
    sweet restorer    the wind and his
Near nauseous colours    virtue alone is
    tooNoble heart undone
Necessity    mind
    best of peacemakers    savage
    dwell in my    soul
    invented stoolsNobler in the mind
    mereNoblest work of God
    virtue ofNobody with me
Neck down hisNodding to her fall
    bendingNods and becks
    napes of    Homer
    oneNoisy geese
    once brokenNone are heard
Nectar on a lip    but the brave
Need of friends    could write for thee
    utmost    like you
Needle Nature lost her    speaks false
    to the poleNonsense a little
    true    and noise
Negligence with skilledNook is left
Negotiate the globeNoon of beauty
Neighbour his only    of day
Neighbour’s faults    of life
Neighbouring eyes    of night
Neither here nor thereNor joy, nor grieve
    lead nor drive    friends
    the praise nor blame    sacred home
    want of appetite nor    wife nor children
Nelson Lord    youth nor age
Neptune into purpleNorth
Nerves shall never tremble    Almighty of the
Nettle danger    at the Orcades
    stroke a    on the Tweed
Never endingNorthern light
    fedNorval my name is
    fullNose and eyes
    gallop Pegasus    hear by the
    knowing truthNot a note of mine
    known by thee    of them
    met    unto us
    to be read

  By PanEris using Melati.

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