Miserable to My
Table of contents
Miserable haveMote in brother’s eye
Miseries reason forMotes the gay
Misery acquaints a manMother astonish a
    child of    eyes the wrangler
    delights to trace    fond
    makes sport    give her booby
    parts company    loving to
    words will rescue    may forget
Misfortune    of dews
Misfortune’s book    to infant
    wheelMother’s breath
Mishap no smallMoths caught by glare
Misquote toMoths that eat an honest name
Mist vapour andMould nature lost the
Mistake under a    of form
Mistress of herself    of his fortunes
    of the field    one happy
Mite inspect aMoulded on a porringer
Mix a short follyMoulding broke in
    detractionMoulds crack nature’s
Mock our eyesMountain a
    the air    leave to feed
    us in clay    robes the
    your grinningMountains and hills singing
Mockery of woe    raise their voices
Mocking the airMountebank a
Model where Troy stoodMounts above me
Modes of faithMourned in silence
Modern instancesMournful tale
Modest men areMournfully surviving all
Modesty appearMouse country
Modulation charms    playing the
Mollify damnationMouth a bone
Moment improve each    honour
Mona hid    one rosy
Monarch of a shedMouths a sentence
    may forget    in their
    of all I survey    nor
    of her deck    through their
Money get money, friendMule a reasoning
    go makeMultitude bark at men
    lending    blown like a feather
    means content    of days
Monkey here    we are a
Monster faultlessMultitudinous seas
    make a manMurder dissolution of nature
Monsters see all the    by the Law
MonthsMurder’s the matter
Monument fill up oneMurmur at
    live long    of the growing of grass
    look around    that springs
    more lastingMurmurs as for
    patience on a    mother
    my life my    of soft rills
Monumental clayMurther most foul
Monuments like men    will speak
Moody madnessMuse barley water
Moon by yonder, I swear    brought to
    dog bay the    heavenly
    error of the    of fire
    good even, fair    slattern
    in her summer glowMuses were dumb
    regent of the skyMusic breathing from
    revolvingMusic charm’d
    swear not by    food of love
    the full orb’d    has charms
    to the    healthful
    with all her stars    in all things
Moonlight sleeps on this bank    in depth of night
Moons five seen to-night    in gushing rill
Moor batten on this    in himself
Moral desert now    in sighing
    stage-play has a    in the cloud
    to point a    in the dawning morn
    well-bred man    of the drum
More rich    of the spheres
    wise    of the step
Morn, grey-eyed    of the war
    or noon, at    there
    that lights    warbling of
    till nightMusing on
    to noon he fellMutiny make a
    from black to redMutton shoulder of
Morning dewMy Antony is away
    dreams    bottle Dinah
    shews    country
    star of    espoused
Mors mortis    age is
Mortal all men    false o’erweighs
    but themselves    fairest
    coil    father
    more than    friend
Mortals not to be blest    God
    to be blest    madness speaks
Mortar bray you in    noble father
Mosgiel farm    only love
Moss his bed    thane your face
Most assured    uncle
    wretched men

  By PanEris using Melati.

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