Mecaenas to Miser
Table of contents
MecænasMerry at point of death
Med’cinable grief    as a marriage bell
Meddle nor make no farther    you can be
Meddles with a state    heart
Medicinal though bitterMerrily hent the stile
Medicine have noMerriment flashes of
    powerMetal flow’d to form
Medium knows    in thee
Meek they can beMetal more attractive
Meekness flower ofMetaphorical blockhead
Meet againMethinks
    again if we doMethod slower
    we may, againMethodist Venus the
Meeting broke theMettle man of
Melancholy as a drum    tires him
    as a gib catMew kitten cry
    green and yellowMice stole in
    mark’d him    will play
    most    with music charm
    out of a songMiddle state
    sat retiredMidnight dances
    train    hath told twelve
Melrose Abbey    oil
    aright viewMidst of life
Melt flesh wouldMidsummer madness
Melting moodMight wold not when he
Memory command ofMighty dead
    dearMild ale
    holds a seatMildly be it then
    for his jestsMilk and honey
    indebted to    in a tiger
    star of    of human kindness
    table of myMilky-way
    yet holds fastMill busy
    holds her powerMilliner perfumed like a
Memorials of this cityMillions a hero
Men are childrenMind a mirror
    are dumb    an empire
    are masters    content
Men are fortune’s jewels    diseased
    are men    feast your
    are now beasts    forgives
    are players    frugal
    condemn’d alike to groan    glance of
    creatures of a day    improve the
    deal with life    imperfection of
    fell out    is so is the man
    have many faults    maketh good
    haunts of    makes body rich
    like    minister to a
    may live fools    no medicine for
    must endure    possesses a kingdom
    of sense approve    relaxing the
    passing fair    see thy
    perish in advance    serene
    play the    spacious
    quit yourselves like    spoke the
    raised to station    strength of
    sleek-headed    suffers with body
    such are dangerous    surveys
    such is the state of    teach the
    should mourn    the standard
    sport of circumstances    to me
    think    to suffer
    were deceiver ever    unbends the
    were men then    voyage of
    were nice in honourMind’s construction
    wretched were made    eye
    would be angelsMinds craving
Men’s evil mannersMingled with fire
    eyes scowl    yarn
Mend itMingling, the big drops
    natureMinister to himself
    the heart    weakest
    workMinisters of grace
Menial pamper’dMinist’ring angel
Mentions who neverMinstrel infirm
Merchant restlessMinutes damned
    sons were kings    forty
Merchants gilt the top    three
Mercies in disguiseMiraculous organ
Mercury featheredMirror see
    station like    up to nature
Mercy ask’d, mercy foundMirth and fun
    to a land    becomes a feast
    is nobility’s badge    becoming
    in the cloud    displac’d the
    is not itself    he is all
    no more in him    lost all my
    gates of    prepare for
    quality of    scant of
    seasons justice    semblance of
    sighed farewell    to folly glide
    to himMischief news of
    we pray for    past and gone
    with    to mourn a
Meridian of my glory    to draw on
Merit lessen’d yoursMiser
Merits on their own
    to disclose

  By PanEris using Melati.

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