Macedonia's to Meat
Table of contents
Macedonia’s madmanMan what a piece of work is
Mad as his master    what kind of
    as the vexed sea    what manner of
    how came he    worth makes the
    I am notMan’s first
    lover    heaven directed face
Madman you magnify this    inhumanity
    none but    love woman’s whole existence
Madness in great ones    revenge
    lies that way    station here
    midsummer    the gowd
    moodyMandragora give me
    oddest frameMankind ascend
    yet method    lives in a few
Magistrates alert    praise
Maid blushingMankind’s epitome
    chariestManner and form following
    unask’d    of man
    sidelong    of it is
Maiden hath no tongueManners form the
    confidence    gentle
    meditation    in the face
    of fifteen    live in brass
Maidens caught by glare    living
Majestic march    our country
Major BridgenorthMantle prophet’s
Make hasteMantled in her cheek
    lovers happyMany a time and oft
    me to see’tMarble false
    rich the ribs    hearted
Maker bids increase    mark the
Malady greater    soften’d into life
Male attire    to
Malefactors are they notMarch ides of
Malevolence forfeit my    in a fortnight
Malice eloquent    through Coventry
    or hatredMarch’d on
    will the lie receiveMare the grey
Mammon wins his wayMarigold goes to bed with sun
Man a flowerMark a sacred
    a merrier    the marble
    a properMarriage and obsequies
    as mad as    by destiny
    assurance of    rightly understood
    at fifty    tables
    bloodyMarried but no wife
    born for public good    in haste
    born of woman    past redemption
    constant    to single life
    delights not meMarry come up
    doom’d to care    is’t
    doth purpose    me when shall I
    education makes the    scion to stock
    fades at evening    with
    goeth to his labourMars night quake to tread
    hath his daily workMarshal’s truncheon
    honest is perfectMartial cloak
    I dare do allMarvellous engaging
    infinite in facultyMask the festal
    ingratitude inMaster a grief
    inhumanity from    my own
    in love    gargle
    is born to die    of himself
    is not a fly    spirits of this age
    knows no measureMasters, approved
    like a godMasterly inactivity
    like an angelMatchless pair
    made townMatrimony and liberty
    microscopic eyeMatron modest
    mind judge ofMatrons toss the cup
    manners makeMatter, baser
    monstrousness of    deep
    must get drunk    deep and dangerous
    never is, but    great
    no laws confine    is to me
    noble in reason    vile
    of Ross    what’s the
    of waxMatters strange
    perfectMaw blest his
    plays many partsMay buds of
    proud manMaze a mighty
    proposethMazes lost
    scale heavenMead the good
    shall have his mareMeals unquiet
    so variousMean and mighty
    standard ofMeans justify the
    state of    to boot
    talks of loveMeanest habit
    that flowers at mornMeanings and wishings
    that hath no musicMeant than meets the ear
    the mothMeasure of my wrath
    the narrative of time    might
    the proper studyMeasur’d by my soul
    this is a    prose
    this was aMeasures not men
    to allMeat good
    to country dear    scant of
    thou pendulum    in ale
    trust not a    in youth, not in age
    wants but little

  By PanEris using Melati.

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