Lot to Lying
Table of contents
Lot shortLoved and lost
Loth to depart    not wisely
Love beggary in    one blotted from
Love a special thing    too well
    ambition cure forLov’d many
    at first sight    never
    can hope    none
    everlastingLoveliest pair
    finds out the wayLoveliness in her
    my flame    needs no ornament
    floods cannot drownLovely Thaïs
    foe to    as Venus
    one anotherLover affliction taught a
    free as air    forsaken
    growth of human will    mad
    how wayward is this    of mine
    in idleness    sighing like
    is blindLover’s law
    is heaven    perjuries
    is loveliestLovers love
    is not loveLove’s own hand—
    is war    stony limits
    left thy firstLove’s crime
    lies bleedingLoving first
    lies in their    to my mother
    like summer flower    wrong
    lord of allLow degree
    man in    no pride
    never expectedLower no
    no remedy forLowliness ambition’s ladder
    not to beLow’rs the morning
    nowLoyal bosom
    of lifeLucky have whole days
    of manLumber in his head
    of womenLure this tassel gentle
    on the pictureLurking principle
    pity meltsLustre of eye
    practise    see
    ruled the nightLusty winter
    rules the courtLute and harp
    she neverLuxury of doing
    show ofLying don’t become
    sincere refines    easy as
    social    given to
    sought    than
    spring of
    sprung from
    the more
    the salt of life
    the sole disease
    true never
    tunes the
    while sleeping
    with gall
    with me
    words will

  By PanEris using Melati.

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