Life to Lost
Table of contents
Life is all a cheatLiquors hot and rebellious
    is but intoxicationLisp’d in numbers
    like a playListen to reason
    men deal withListen’d have ye not
    my monumentListening mood she seem’d
    my way of    stood
    not a thingListlessness
    not worth keepingLittle men
    on chanceLive and learn
    pleasant in thy    bear to
    protracted    half seven well
    road of    in awe
    seven years to tell    in pleasure
    sir!    laborious
    the inferior gift    like yourself
    there’s hope    not but last
    thin spun    past years again
    thousand deaths in    teach how to
    upon a throw    the purer
    value of its use    to please
    we pursue    while you live
    web of ourLived all alone
    what’s in this    in happiness
    wine of    to day
Life’s a melting dream    to love me
    a preparationLiv’d long enough
    a shadow    so they
    a short summerLively prelude
    dull round    to severe
    feastLivery sober
    feverish dreamLives of great men
    keyLives at ease
    last scene    by rule
    page    life o’er again
    play is overLiving long
    rough tideLoads of lumber
    taperLoaf to steal a shive
Lift up your headsLoan loseth friend
Light by my own    loseth money
    from smoke    oft loses
    he that hasLoath we
    his pipeLoaves seven for a penny
    of loveLobster boil’d
    radiantLocal habitation
    that visitsLocality no excuse for your
Lights above ever-burningLocke hath a soul
Like a manLocks fair
    a poet    golden
    a whale    gory
    as cherry to cherry    reverend
    as eggsLocust eaten
    as milk to milkLodged agreeably
    as peasLodging hard
    men    Iliads of a
    my fatherLofty trees
    NiobeLogic he was in
    no moreLoiter life away
    perspectivesLonely want
    princesLong life
    sweet May    tongued
    the dreamsLonging lingering
    the lilyLook before you leap
    the Pontic monarch    behind
    thee throw myself    down
    will to like    not behind
Likeness seek his    on her face
Lilies of the field    on like again
Lily like the    round world
    rose and    upon picture
    paint theLook’d unutterable things
Lily’s snowy graceLooks like a writ
Limbs breaks    adorn’d the place
    recreant    modest
    strong    of love
Lime in this sack    profound
Linden when the sunLord is my shepherd
Line labours    knows where
    resounding    of himself
Lineaments outward    of Hosts commands
Linen put on clean    of lion heart
Linger still    of the fowl
Lingering and sitting    of thousands
    with fond delay    praise the
Lion among ladiesLord’s anointed
    bear or    day
    beard theLords house of
    dead    of creation
    hear him roarLore gestic
    heartLose name
    rouse the    name of action
Lion’s hide    the good
    maneLosing half of life
Lions in a room, likeLosses pity on his
    roarLost all his not
Lips are roses wash’d    a day
    flavour upon my    day concluded
    that kiss’d    neither won nor
    to our    not but gone before
    were as a spout    shaft
Liquor o’erflow such    to sight

  By PanEris using Melati.

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