I to Ireland
Table of contents
I am a manImmediate are
    am as freeImmodest words
    am in adversityImpartial fate
    am not madImpatient grow
    am not merryImpeachment soft
    am not whatImpediment without
    am oldImperfections on her head
    another    on my head
    argue not    piece out our
    confessImperial Cæsar
    cannot tell whatImportant day
    did itImpossible and what’s
    die with love    to be alone
    do fear thy natureImpression stronger makes
    do love theeImprove one soul
    do not know    the pleasure
I do perceiveIn a house by herself
    do remember an    our ashes
    follow mine hostInaction disciplined
    forget timeInactivity masterly
    had as lief not beIncubation
    hate itIndented shore
    have learnedIndependence
    have liv'd to-dayIndependent if we will
    have no spur    state
    have not liv'd in vainIndex of the mind
    have seen    thunders in the
    have that within    so Mr
    incline to hope    to thy soul
    joy dear motherIndigestion bred
    knowIndulgence set me free
    love thee notIndustry supports us all
    love thee stillInfamy grinning
    reprehendInfancy straining backward
    saw young HarryInfant cooing
    see land    mewling
    see some sparklesInfected all seems
    serve the dukeInfection keep it distant
    shall fallInfidel, baptized
    shall in allInfidels adore
    should have foundInfinite variety
    sit at ten poundsInfirm of purpose
    spake uponInfirmities of a friend
    sunk not downInfirmity of noble minds
    thank my God forInfluence over my niece
    think him soInform the mind
    to HerculesIngots keep him down
    was all earIngrateful man
    was free bornIngratitude I hate
    will see thee    in a child
    will wear himIngratitude man’s
    wish there was not    marble-hearted
    would be friends    the certain crop
Ice as chaste asIngredient a devil
    smooth theIngredients commends the
Icy handsInk thy mother
Idea how to shootInn a place of rest
Idiot told by    ease at
Idle—Idler    his cares beguile
Idleness love in    good
    polished    welcome at an
Idolatry god of hisInnocence a child
If French beat English    as a veil
    talk'st to me of its    go in thy native
    to her share    meek
    virtue in    unresisting
Ignorance burst inInscriptions of names
    in officeInspiring awe
    is blissInstinct I was a coward upon
    of good and ill    is a great matter
    pronounce    reason raise o’er
    sweet it is inInstruction live upon
    thy choice    pour
Ignorant carriageInstrument of little men
Ignorantly readInsult, blockheads
Ill deedsIntent sides of
    from blessings riseIntentions good
    greaterIntercourse kindly
    if asked, denyInterest creates zeal of sects
    lesser    he abjured for
    manner    in both worlds
    seldom comes alone    makes all seem Reason
    the cause of    to purge a church
I’ll have my bond    to reform a state
    have our MichaelInterests and passions
    see thee hang’dInterim all the
Ills bear those we haveInterrupting play
    fly to othersIntoxication life is but
    from beauty springIntrude hope I don’t
    of life victoriousIntruder unmannerly
    that waitInvectives spare no
    life assailInventor the
    to come, sense ofInvincible no place
    we haveInward man
    we know not ofIreland
I’m glad of it
Image heaven’s
Imagination bodies forth
    fondly stoops
    for his facts
    for importance

  By PanEris using Melati.

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