Hourly to Hysterics
Table of contents
Hourly afflictHumility for my
Hours against life    that apes
    of life are lostHumours in all thy
Hours they loseHung be the heavens
House and homeHunger is best seasoning
    dividedHungry I am not
    his    insist on your being
    of prayerHurt him not
    to lodge a friend    my brother
    to my tasteHurtless lance of justice
Household godsHusband good
Houseless stranger    henpecked
Houses asleep    here's my
    cost of    out life's taper
    mendedHusbandry edge of
Housewife that's thrifty    in heaven
How could I help itHusks that the swine ate
    fleet is the glanceHut our home
    to dieHydrostatics
    to liveHyperion to a Satyr
    sleepHypocrisy is a homage
    you storm    sold
Hubert StanleyHypocrite or atheous priest
Hum of menHysterics
Human heart
    kindness milk of
    or divine

  By PanEris using Melati.

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