Hell to Hour
Table of contents
Hell bid him go toHoney gather from a weed
    I suffer    milk and
    is full ofHonour and shame
    is paved    calls
    to ears polite    set a leg, or arm
    to choose by another’s    doth forget
Help lame dog    essential and eternal
    the feeble up    how if it pricks me off
Henpecked husband    hiding mine
Her cheek    is a sacred tie
    golden hair    keep the terms precise
Herald of the morn    men nice in
Herbs plants, stones    peereth in meanest
    have grace    pluck bright
    which Phillis dresses    post of
Herd careless    pricks me on
    lowing    rooted in dishonour
Here lies the great    skill in surgery
    lies David Garrick    stand upon your
    lies our noble king    sons of
Hereabouts he dwells    take away grief
Hereditary bondsmen    thee I do
Heritage his    thy parents
    of woe    what is
Hermit a reverend    wound my
Hermitage takes prison forHonourable age is
Hero to his valet    men
    up rose the    stop
Herod outherodsHonour’s laws
Heroes are much the same    thick upon him
Herring charmHonouring thy father
    shottenHook or crook
Herself byHoop’s bewitching round
    appears the leastHoops of steel
    compared withHop and skip raise a cobbler
    hath no companionHope against hope
    part of    and fear
Hesperus! thou bringest    auspicious
Hide the ruins    bade farewell
    within him    begins where folly ends
Hideous making night    but only
    sight    comes to all
High estate    filled with
    heaven    fool’d with
Hill snow-topt    for a season
Hills peep over hills    gleam of
Himself none descends into    humbly then
Hinder one another    I incline to
Hindmost take the    is a fine thing
Hinge no    is brightest
Hint upon this    in sure and certain
Hip on the    like glimmering taper
    catch him upon    linger’d still
Hire labourer worthy of    never comes
His can’t be wrong    none lov’d without
    life was in the right    relies on
Hiss a dismal, universal    sparkles of a better
History in all men’s lives    springs eternal
    in a nation’s eyes    springs exulting
    philosophy teaching    strive against
Hit a palpable    the charmer
Hoarse Warwick is    there is
Hog the whole    to be thy blessing now
Hohenlinden    travels through
Hold enough    trembling
Hold high converse    withering fled
    your tongueHope’s sweet garden
Holds fast her office    triumphant wing
    her power    wreaths
    a seatHopes and fears
Hole in your coats    clouded
    to keep    utmost
Holiday afterHoping this comes
Holiness unbredHorn for horn
Holy as severe    of plenty
    water from her eyes    sacred to plenty
    writ in babesHorror more deep
Home best country    present
    a nativeHorrors I have supp’d full
    binds man to earthHorse kingdom for a
    every inn a    to
    fools feelHorsemanship noble
    forced fromHose doublet and
    his    ungartered
    his footsteps turn’d    well sav’d
    keeping youthHost of the Garter
    no place likeHostages to fortune
    ourHot water
    pleasures at    was the play
    resort of loveHour catch the transient
    to the weary    fought a long
    without    wee short
Homely food    when lovers
    wits    when nightingale
Homer nods
Honest by Act of Parliament
    if she be not

  By PanEris using Melati.

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