Habit to Heels
Table of contents
Habit ease leads toHead-ache wake with
    costlyHead full of quarrels
    covers good    here rests his
    meanest    imperfections on my
    use doth breed a    in his
Habitation and a name    with sorrow
    localHeads never more
Habits illHeadstrong as an allegory
Had he rain’dHealth and spirits gone
    it pleased    and pleasure
Haggard if I do prove her    contentment
Hail fellow! well met    get
    water-gruel    on both
Hair her golden    peace competence
    divide a    with temperance
Halcyon days of calmHeap of dust
Half exceeds the wholeHear and answer
    penny farthing    me but speak
Hamlet is still    none to
Hammer auld kirk    not my steps
    pocket    sweet music
Hammers closing rivets up    thee
Hand and gloveHearing hard of
    adore theHearse comes nodding on
    bless the    sable
    clean from myHeart as sound as a bell
    give me your    aye’s the part aye
    I see a    ache
    in hand    break her
    licks the    Chloe wants a
    of all-destroying time    companion of hand
    of little    darling of her
    of time    distrusting
    or will    for any fate
    that made    grow fonder
    to bless    hand upon
    upon heart    in twain
    upon thy name    know transport
    will rather    lying still
Hands prepared    mend the
    snowy    of hearts
Handsaw hawk from    open to distress
Handsome is, that handsome    or hope
Hang a calf’s skin    sick
    a doubt on    sickens
    constancy    that’s broken
    out    that rends the
    virtue    thinks
    ye all    tiger’s
Hanged born to be    to mend the
    you villain    tires the
Hanging and matrimony    to pity
    goes by destiny    warm within
Hannibal    wear on my sleeve
Happier such are    who made the
Happiness through others’ eyes    will break
    or wisdom callHeart’s core
    our end and aimHearts resolved
    produced    that love
    we prize    to live in
Happy and make two lovers    leap to lips
    because I think myself so    people’s
    believe we areHeartstrings my dear
    could I be with eitherHeave the lead
    have whole daysHeaven fixed stars of
    here below    hath a hand
    in one another    hides from us
    in yourselves    in cheek
    the man    in her eye
    hills    is above all
Hard lodging    looks down
Harmony of war    merit by
Harms often ask our    not alway angry
Harness on our backs    of hell
Harp not on that string    on earth
Harping on my daughter    plants look to
Harry with his beaver on    points out
Harvest home    powers of
    load of    resounded
Hast any philosophy    sends meat
Haste commend your duty    succour draws from
    less speed    to earth
    me to know itHeaven’s gift
    thee Nymph    sovereign
    why suchHeavens man should scale
Hate my onlyHeavenly muse
    pompHeaviness that’s gone
    the devilHebrew my little
Hath this fellow no feelingHector still
Haunt publicHedgehog kiss a
Haunts busyHedges have ears
    of menHeel tread on another’s
Havock cryHeels are fettered
    and confusionHeels at his
Hawk from a handsaw
Hawthorn bush
Hay, buttered
Hazard of the die
He best can paint
    his only neighbour
    that of greatest
    speaks Latin
    speak Greek
    that is down
    that wold not

  By PanEris using Melati.

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