Golden to Gushing
Table of contents
Golden sorrowGraves dishonourable
    opinions    tenantless
Gone beforeGray
Good abundant grows    hairs
    and illGreat
    and ill together    aiming to be
    by stealth    always
    communicated    born
    daysGreat far above the
    die first    glorious and free
    doing    here lies the
    in every thing    unhappy
    is interredGreatness
    man’s sin    achieve
    manners    afraid of
    men and true    point of all my
    men’s love    ripening
    morrow to you both    thrust
    morrow to your night-capGrecian Venus
    my lordGreece
    night    isles of
Good night, sir    no more
    onceGreek wretch of a
    obscurely    above all
    pleasure ease    he spoke
    thing    to me
    unasked grantGreeks join’d Greeks
    universalGreen fields
Goodly outside    house
Goodness in little finger    leaves display
    soul of    one red
    and heGrew together
Gorgeous palacesGrey mare
GossipGrief cures with
    long-tongued    date of
Got    distracting
    by the winds    full of
Gown    I’ll ne’er impart
    fetch the    master a
    give place to    oppress’d with
    marr’d her    smiling at
Gowns hide all    treads on pleasure
GoutGriefs ended
Grace    med’cinable
    attractive    of all that harass
    forgot    unspeakable
    in all her stepsGrieved
    in bondsGrin
    prologue to egg and butter    like a dog
    stem ofGrinn’d horrible
    snatch a    horribly
    thou wilt have none    with their teeth
    to keep estatesGripe we
    to standGroaned and died
Graced actor, wellGroat in pocket
    as thou art    a year
Graceful actsGround
Graces dear    upon what
    gave them all to youGroundlings ears of
    her subjectsGrove and cave
    peculiar    of chimneys
    to the grave    nods at
Graft the roseGroves
Grafting is natureGrows
Grandfather till’d    with his growth
GrandsireGrudge ancient
    gayGruel Hail! water
Grasp weGrumble a little
Grass growing ofGrunt and sweat
    growing sound ofGuardian-angel
Gratia in her 20th yearGuardless on purpose
Grave blossoms inGuide time coming
    come from theGudgeons swallow
    David lies inGuests unbidden
    lead to    welcomest
    new madeGuide philosopher, and friend
    or mellowGuide angel for
    shuts up the sceneGuilt’s a terrible thing
    sorrow to theGuilty mind
    to beGuinea like a
    to gay    stamp
    to lightGull arrant
Grave-diggerGushing tear

  By PanEris using Melati.

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