Gain to Gold
Table of contents
Gain a friend isGiven to
Gait the forc’dGives the blow
Gale what blows you hereGlad
Gall    of other men’s good
    enough in ink    to see you
Gambols yourGlance from heaven
Gap of time    of thought
Gape we    twinkling feet
Garb uncouthGlare sudden to
GardenGlass darkly
    God made    of fashion
    who loves aGlassy essence
Garnish eye of heaven toGleam of hope
Garret born inGlen still and shadowy
    take the chairGlides away
Garter host ofGlobe distracted
Gate from theGloom in her dark eye
Gates fly openGlorious war
    lift up your heads    by my sword
    of lightGlory
    of mercy    built on
Gather ye rose-buds    field of
Gathering her brows    grows guilty
Gaudy rich not    leads the
Gaul the    lies buried
Gay sprightly land    like a circle
    Lothario    meridian of
    the Poet    paths of
    paint damnation    rush to
Gay’s epitaphGlove excuse my
Gazelle    upon that hand
    eye ofGloves
    nursed a dear    sweet as roses
    of my own    light of
Geese that gabbled    shews
    sav’d the stateGnaws the bowels
GemGo home and pray
    of the sea    I’ll not hurt thee
    of the earth    just alike
    of the billow    lovely rose
General Wade    must needs
Generous friendship    on fore right
    heart    on I’ll follow
Geneva print    to the devil
Genius    at once
    born    measure earth
    born not taughtGo too faint to
    men ofGoats ran from
    not taughtGoing order of your
    raise theGod
    to raise the    above or man below
Gentle blood    acts of
    that doth gentle deeds    adore
    mild and virtuous    and St. George
    mistress    defend the right
Gentleman    disposeth
    deserving help    doth dispose
    on whom I built    doth this man serve
    will exhort us    employed a
    thou wrong’st    felicity the gift of
    with the scythe    in Gloucestershire
Gentler sister woman    made first garden
Gently scan    made fast the door
Genuine    made the country
Geography    made two great lights
Geometry    never made
Germens spill at once    to know one
Gesture in every    to scan
Get that I wear    or devil
    a prayer book    tempers the wind
    a large estate    thyself with
    money    varied
    place and wealth    voice of
    thee toGod’s handy-work
Getting fee    pampered people
Ghastly smile    works
Ghost there needs noGods hasting to be
Ghosts troop home    made poetical
GiantGold candles in heaven
    dies    all powerful
Giant’s strength    all that glisters
Gibes    all that glitters
Gift    ass laden with
    for my fair    buys admittance
    horse    can speed its course
Gifts    gild refined
    brother’s    hangs both
    of heaven    her object
    wax poor    its passage makes
Gild refined gold    kills true man
    ruins grey    lust of
Gilpin John    saves the thief
Gimmers or device    shines by use
Girdle I’ll put a    sin with
    round the world    stronger than
Girl again
    would see him
Give ample
    him a little earth
    every man
    me a cigar
    me a cup of sack
    me a look
    me an ounce of civet
    me but what
    me ocular proof
    me that man
    me to drink
    me my Romeo
    me your hand
    the devil
    what we ask not

  By PanEris using Melati.

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