Follies to Front
Table of contents
Follies weav’d upFortune’s benefits
Fonder heart grow    buffets
Fondly turns to thee    pastimes
Food bed andFortune’s power
    fancy’sFortunes for himself
    for powder    his buried
    for the mindForty fancies
    homely    fool at
    the fruitsFought all his battles
    to choose theirFoul deeds will rise
Fool a motley    thoughts
    at fortyFound both
    at thirty    make a note of
    be a    no end
    every inch that is notFourscore years
French edition of aFoxes spoil the vines
    I met aFractions expert at
    i’the forestFrail empire
    of natureFrailties draw his
    right by chanceFrailty thy name is woman
    RomanFrance order better in
    smarts littleFraud or guile
    that I wasFrauds pious
    thinks he is wiseFray latter end of
    to fameFreckle streak or stain
    to make me merryFree and easy
Fool’s paradise    as nature
Foolery makes a show    frae fraud
Foolish face    his fame
Fools admire    school
    came to scoff    truth makes
    men may live    would be
    not to knowFreedom shriek’d
    shall have wealth    joy and peace
    since the conquest    we blame
    young men areFreedom’s battle
    young men thinkFreeman he is the
Foot better, before    once free always
    short of oneFreemasons meet as shadows
    so light a    speak but in signs
    speaksFreeze thy young blood
Footprints on sandFrenzy rolling
Fop scatter favours on aFretful porcupine
Fops barr’d fromFretted body
Forbear occasion toFriend
Forbearance    thou dost conspire against
Forefathers of the hamlet    general
    toil’d    keep thy
Forehead lours    makes no
    of married man    must hate the man
Forestall his date of grief    my earliest
Forgeries what, you please    no
Forget all sense    not a
    all time    pretended
    best sometimes    the candid
    can a woman    should bear
    hardest science to    suspicious
    men’s names    thine own
    myself    to close his eyes
    the bride    to man
    the child    to shake off my
    the crown    to virtue
    the darling    touch my
    the wayFriendless master of a world
    them allFriend’s good name
    thyself thou dost    infirmities
Forgetfulness a preyFriends
    in    absent
    prove    can separate
    steep my senses    choice of
    sweets of    grapple them
Forgive if I have erred    I have made
    meFriends my books
    me sir    present
    something to    thou hast
    us our    what need we have
Forgiveness ask    three good
    to the injured    must part
Forget all sense of dutyFriendship
    by the world    but a name
    I am    generous
    myself    is constant
Form and pressure    or hate
    of things    pretended
Forms of things    with a knave
Forsake me, do not    and religion
    me notFrisking light
    my loveFrog croaking like a
    not thy friendFront engraven
    the fountainsFrost and snow
Fortune a better    third day
    a blind woman
    favours the bold
    foe to love
    hath cruelly scratched
    his own
    hostages to
    in men
    is merry
    kick the ba’
    means good
    method of making
    mistakes her gifts
    pledges to
    prey on
    threw a rope
    was so low
    will give us
    and fame unknown

  By PanEris using Melati.

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