Favour to Folly
Table of contents
Favour to buy hisFirstlings
Favourite    of my hand
    general    of my heart
    has no friendFire with snow, kindle
Fear    burn
    farthest from    closest kept
    hang those that talk of    i’the flint
    listening    in each eye
    no fallFire kindleth
    of death    little
    of heaven    mighty
    of the Lord    sat by
    oft infectsFires
    perplexes    from small
    doubts to them that    raging
    thy natureFish a strange
    to fly    painted
Fears doubts and    wives stay’d their cry
    his fate    drunk and mute as a
Feast    not with this bait
    beginning ofFist his wither’d
    of language    is free
    of reason    with his
    furnished at aFit as ten groats
    imagination of    answer to all questions
Feather    comes again
    espy’dFix’d figure
    not of thatFlame adding fuel to
    of his ownFlames aspiring
Features judged by    wasting by repose
    of one breathing stoneFlash and outbreak
Fed onFlat and unprofitable
Fee directs the sense    blasphemy
Fees pay yourFlattery not deaf to
Feeble help him upFlaunts in rags
Feed fat the ancient grudgeFlaw winter’s
    leave toFlea upon lip
    on her cheekFleece of wool
Feeding condition for    warm and woolly
Feeds their furyFleet Spanish
FeelFlesh be hack’d
    it as a man    consorteth to kind
    make us    is heir to
    ourselves    is but dust
    themselves    mortify your
Feeling    too solid
Feet    within this wall of
    beneathFlight and cunning
    hurt in stocks    same
    like snailsFling away ambition
    dancingFlint everlasting
FelicityFlocks my father feeds his
    none can boast    shall leave
Fell DoctorFlogged cried when
    from morn to noonFlood and field
    the angels    of day
FellowFloods great
    almost damn’dFloor of heaven inlaid
    feeling    nicely sanded
    such a pleasantFlourish or may fade
Fellows strangeFlow of soul
Felt and only soFlower breathed in a
    by me    full many a
    the cause    fetch me that
Female errors fall    first of the earth
Fence    love like a summer
    cunning in    not a
Fever life’s fitful    of the rock
Few friendships wear    rind of this
    see themselves    upon a ruin
    and far betweenFlowers choruses of
Fibs I’ll tell you no    are slow
Fiction    farewell dear
    from a newspaper    make church histories
    from a traveller    nativity of
    mere    time did beckon
FiddlerFlowery food
Field for allFlutters in brocade
    of gloryFlux of oaths
FieldsFly drown a
    how won    learns to
Fiend so spake the    to others
Fiends jugglingUncle Toby’s
Fierce contentionsFoe, arm us against
Fight    give me the avow’d
    live to    give me the manly
    not the    may prove a curse
    till from my bones    never made a
    zealots    not one I wish
Fights he that    open
Figure    timorous
Fill thy purse    to God
Find itFoes are so enrooted
Fine    fall over to my
    by defectFoggy South
    by degreesFolks must part
    exampleFolly as it flies
    words    ends where hope
Finger    grow romantic
    I’ll break thy    noise of
    points to heaven    sea of

  By PanEris using Melati.

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