Fabric to Faults
Table of contents
Fabric of a visionFancies forty
    rises high as heaven    thick-coming
Face    women’s
    an April mornFancy bids him roam
    as a book    free
    commend    lent it grace
    doubtful    not in
    excuse came in her    sweet and bitter
    foolishFancy’s child
    he seems to hide his    food
    is fairFar above the great
    knavery’s plain    beneath the good
    like the title-page    in a wild
    look on her    into the bowels of the land
    manners inFardel of his faults
    mind in theFardels bear
    power ofFarewell
    red and white    at once
    shining on him    big wars
    the index of the mind    breathes despair
    transmitted    content
    without heart    drum
    visit her    fear
Facts imagination for his    fife
Fades in the eye    hope
Fail    neighing steed
    if we should    the plumed troops
    we’ll not    remorse
Failings lean’d    shrill trump
Fain would I climb    the tranquil mind
Faint    to all my greatness
    heart    that fatal word
Fair but cautious    goes out sighing
    deserves theFarm cultivated
Fair passing    I now hold
    to look asFashion ’tis just the
    what is soFashion’s arts decoy
    where all areFast and furious
    woman    bind
    women and brave men    breaks with Aristotle
    young and faithful too    find
Faith is built    my strict
    in theeFasting
    he’ll prent itFat paunches
    modes of    upon
    plain and simpleFate bond of
    they owe    can change his
    unfaithful    conquer our
Faithful found    found oftenest
    only he    frowns in the storm
    servant    grounds of
Faithless among the    impartial
Faith’s defender    monarchs must obey
Fall fear to    never wounds more deep
    by virtue    laws fix’d as
    female errors    of empires
    like princes    steals along
    no lower    storms of
    nodding to her    stroke of
    O what a    summons
    of kingsFates from things
    offFather? art thou his
    pride will have a    and friend
    risk a    and mother
Fallen    comes in
    for ever    loved me, her
    from his high estate    methinks I see my
Falling    it is a wise
    greatly    knew his own
    off was there    of light and life
    state    who would be a
Falls as I doFather? who would not be a
    on the other    you are my
    to such perusal    you are not a
FalseFather’s friend
    none speaks    stay
    o’erweighs you trueFathers feed upon
    by natureFatigue a night cap
FalsehoodFault I never pardon
    bait of    it was not my
    and fraud    to find a
    hathFaults abstract of all
Falsely true    and follies, wilderness of
Fame    bad men excuse
    desire of    breathe his
    he lives in    conspicuous
    is swiftest    fardel of his
    not to    find
    ruins of    good men leave
    points the    in a bag
    the last weakness    men have many
    things of    of his own liking
    unlooked for    of others
Familiar faces    of our neighbours
Familiars slink away    to see another’s
Family helpless    wit to make
Famine plague, and war    with all thy
    should be fill’d    women have but two
Famous by my pen    world of
    found myself    be blind to her
Fan brain him with a    lie gently on him

  By PanEris using Melati.

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