Europe to Eyes
Table of contents
Europe he sawExpatiate free
Europe’s eye is fixed onExpected we never
EuxineExpectation rise
Eve    with long
    fairest of daughtersExpedition room
    spanExpence use sanctifies
EveningExperience to make sad
    came stillExpire in a smoke
    how stillExposition of sleep
    hush’dExpressing beyond expression
EventsExtirpate yourself
    can neverExtremes to danger tend
    comingExtremity man’s dark
    hand in these    out of act
Events propitiousEye all
    signs precede    another’s
Ever but not for    beam in
    charming    distorted in an
    if for    doth please
    new    heaven in her
Every hour has its end    I have a good
    man his own architect    language in
    thing by starts    language of
Evil be thou my good    like March
    daysEye like Mars
    educing good from    lustre of
    habits    more than mind
    and the good    mote in
    known is best    nature’s walks
    lives after them    negotiate for itself
    none are all    of observation
    partial    of pity
    seeming    of poet
    that men do    peril in
    manners live in brass    that could speak
Evils of two, choose least    that spoke
Ex fumo    to command
Exact inwardly    to threaten
Example a fine    was in itself a soul
Excel born to    will roam
Excellence taste an    wins the
Excellent to haveEye’s dark charm
    wretchEyes and nose
    young man    believe my ears or
Excess ridiculous    blue
Exculpate yourself    friend to close
Excuse came prologue    Kathleen’s
Execution pardon after    look your last
    cry out    marlborough’s
Exempt from public haunt    neighbouring
Exhalation hot    of men
    bright    of microscopic power
Exhibition    of most unholy blue
Exhort us    only hear her
Exile of Erin    severe
    pensive    sought the west
Existence compute    that would not
Exits and their entrances    thou dost glare with

  By PanEris using Melati.

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