Each to Ethiopian
Table of contents
Each believesEndow
Eagle struck    a cat
    young    a college
    change his plumeEnds truth’s
    eye    thy country’s
    eyed to others’ faults    thy God’s
Eagle in dove-cote    well
Eagle’s fateEndure
Ear a stranger    you must
    field to    must be
    give every manEnduring it is overcome
    the groundEnemies by-words to
    the land    carry about slander
    I was all    put an
    invades the    to unfix an
    who offend theEnergy
Early seen    divine
    deathEnforced ceremony
    rise with the lark    shows a hasty spark
    up at threeEngaging
    that I eat    model to
Ears my land    most blind
    three    never did
    polite    never shall
Earth    poor
    a hell    were I in
    air ocean    with all thy faults
    bare exposed    Mariners of
    hath bubblesEnglish minds
    lie lightly    trick of the
    lie gently    idlots run in crowds
    nature’s motherEnglishmen
    ocean airEngrave wrongs
    round theEnough and more
    sea air    to press
    sure and firm-set    to weigh
    shook to centreEnterprises of
    to heaven    impediments to
    is his tomb    of pith and moment
    bring forth grassEntrances exits and their
    lap ofEnveloped the affair
EaseEnvoy our
    at mine innEnvy
    leads to habit    a passion
    lives at    die with
East India trade    no man
Easy as lying    will merit
    in circumstances    all above them
Eat their breakfast warm    approve by
    and drinkEphraim
    as friendsEpithets of war, stuff’d with
Eaten me outEqual
Eats seldomErin exile of
Eblana    spots on
Echo to theErr
Eclipse built in the    is human to
Eden loss ofErred
Education forms the manErring reason
    forms the mindError by example
    free school for    eternity of
    makes the man    spares his
Educated illErrors
Educing good    like straws
Egg full of meatEruptions strange
Elbow is my nameEscape
Elements choruses    for thy life
    command the    whipping
ElizabethEschewed cannot be
    no scandal aboutEscort
Elms ruggedEstate high
Eloquence    get a large
    spout ofEstates
Eloquence tide of    grace to keep
Eloquent    great
    maliceEsteem and love
    old manEternal blessings crown
    silence    villain
Embers glowing    dreadful
Emblems of deeds    pleasing
Embraced must be    to man
Eminence paths toEthiop’s ear
Emperor thou art anEthiopian change
Empire and love
    the fate of
    hand of little
    hath daintier sense
    hung over her
Enchantment to view
Encounter of wits
    and aim
    crowns all
    found no
    is virtue
    it one day
    must justify
    of doubt
    that crowns
    try the man
    where began
    who shall wish

  By PanEris using Melati.

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