Divinity to Dying
Table of contents
    in odd numbersDream
    practical    life and love a
    that shapes    spirit of
    stirs within us    things true
Do all may    to
    in lawDreamers
    or die    often lie
    what I willDreams have breath
Doctor after death the    have tears
    dismissing the    have tortures
    Fell    have joy
    kick’d out the    like the
Doctors disagree    may come
Doctrine for the    morning
Doff it for shameDress drains
Dog barking    keeps larder lean
    bay the moonDress’d in
    have his dayDrink and cloth in ale
    his highness’    and take tobacco
    in countenance    as friends
    in forehead    deep or taste not
    lameDrink boldly
    let no    mandragora
    living    not third glass
    sheds not a tear    the well
Dogs ye have    to me only
    of war    warm water
    physic toDrinking
Doing    after death
    never done    brains for
Doit to relieveDrinks at Helicon
DollarDriveller and show
Domes defaced    of patience
Domestic fallDropped a tear
Dominion no tithe inDropping and rainy day
DoneDrops ruddy
    halfDrown a fly
Done quicklyDrowsy
DoomDruid lies in
    meets hisDrum ecclesiastic
    regardless    unbraced
    prophetic ofDrunk
Doom’d to roll    but one cup
Door    get very
    drove me fromDrunken man
    from hisDrunkenness than
    made fast theDry wheel
    one that seeksDryden taught to join
    shuts theDudgeon
    out of myDuke’s revenues
Dost love picturesDull not thy palm
Dotes yet doubtsDulness apt to magnify
Double    gentle
    sureDumb amazement
Doublet and hose    forgetfulness
    coarseDungeon himself his own
Doubling pleasuresDust a heap of
Doubly feel    buried in
Doubt    earth and
    begin to    is both alike
    to hang a    kindred
Doubtful kind    learned
Doubts    makes a parenthesis
    are traitors    nothing but
    to them that fear    one
Doubtless    sleeps in
    the pleasureDusty death
DouglasDuty boy has done his
Dove    demands
    returning    divided
    twice employ’d    lord of
Dove-cote    sense of
    eagle in    simpleness and
Down    visages of
    he that is    prompt
    his neckDwells hereabouts he
    someDyes of heaven
    out of breathDying a vile thing
Downward    bless the hand
Dragon’s hiss    fall
Drank delight    well
Dread of something
    syllables of

  By PanEris using Melati.

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