Defences to Divine
Table of contents
DefencesDie we must
Defend us    with harness
Deformed be calledDied so young
Deformity to see another’sDies he that
Degraded to an inn    upon the trees
Degree take awayDiet bespeak our
    planets observeDiffer and agree
    squire of lowDifferent good
Deil tak’ the hindmost    nations
Delay chides hisDigestion good
Deliberation sat    sour
Delicacy of reputation    ill
Delight drank    wait on appetite
    home-feltDignity and love
Delightful task    begins
Delights in    of F. R. S
    to scornDimple as nature taught
Deluge after me theDin can daunt me?
Delusion and a snareDinner-bell
Delusions to the pastDines with Tully
Demigods die likeDionysius
Democracy in SpartaDire effects
Denied to beDirect who can
Deny what we askDirge for her
    and dare notDirty work
Denmark here inDisappointed never
Depart from herselfDisasters weary with
    loth toDiscipline employ
    pain that she sawDisciplined inaction
Dependency of thingsDiscontent breeds
Derby Dilly    age of
Desartless man    winter of
Described herDiscord
Description beggar’d all    follows
Desert after his    is harmony
    speaks loud    makes sweetest
Deserted at his needDiscourse devour up my
Deserted at his utmost need    as the man is
Deserts are small    excellent music
Deserves the fair    of war
Desire all goodDiscreet custom
    youngDiscreeter to
Despair a dauntless heroDiscretion
Desperate appliances    best part of valour
    diseases    hang
Despise them, I do    it show’d
Despises sage advices    out-sport
Desponding growDiscreetly blot
DestinyDiscussion friendly free
    contending withDisease
    hanging by    young
    marriage by    remedy worse than
    wiving byDiseased nature
Determined dared, and doneDiseases
    I amDisgrace
Detraction as much    his own
    blackDish for a king
Developed the affair    velvet
Devil a monk    one solid
    buildsDishes choice
    cites scriptureDishonour him
    cruelDisobedience man’s first
    drivesDisorder admir’d
    hath powerDispatch a business
    himselfDisplaced the mirth
    his dueDisposition country
    play the    truant
    sends cooksDispraise
    speak true    is no small praise
    was sickDispute about religion
Devilish dear    forbear
Devotee    it like a man
Devotion’s visage    point in
    on standsDissembling man
Devoutly to be wish’dDissembly appeared
Dew morningDissension civil
    of thy birth    between hearts
    dissolved in    gnaws
    resolve itself into    move
    shall weep thy fallDissensions like small streams
    drop from lion’s maneDistance lends enchantment
Dial to the sun    made more sweet
Diamond to glass    mellowed by
Did not think    recommends
Dido and Eneas    robes the mountain
Di-Do-DumDistempers incident
DieDistil it out
    and endowDistracted between
    allDistracting grief
    all toDistress
    ay but to    brothers in
    broke theDive below
    but onceDividing cares
    dare toDivine
    for country    a good
    hazard of    hand that made
    in righteousness    the spirit of man
    like men    to forgive
    of a rose
    teach how to
    vile thing to

  By PanEris using Melati.

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