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Table of contents
ChooseColonies ruin the
    least evilColossus
    those theyColours
Chord he knowsColumn
ChorusesCombat deepens
Christ passed through    hard to
ChristianCombatants involves the
    will ruin    again
Chronigle small beer    between and part
Chronicles of time    girls
ChuckfarthingComes at all
Church and state    in time
    and synagogue    too near
    by daylightComets
    hats off inComfort
    leprosy beginsComforts I find
    more safeComing events
    repair toCommand
    that topp’d    correspondent to
    who builds aCommend
    with grace    to
    yard at nightCommends the
    yards troop toCommon
    yards yawn    too
Churl of words    vices
Churlish    herd
Cicala dear to eicalaCommonwealth
Cicero say any thingCommunion
Cipher to prove you aCompanion in his grave
CircleCompanions gone
Circles are prais’d    dear
Circumscription    under the table
Circumstances easy in    in astonishment
    sport of menCompare
Citadel    her to
Citron dyes gleamComparison
City in seditionComparisons
Civer ounce ofComplain
Civil dissensionCompliments
Clad in liveryCompound for sius
    in steelCompulsion on
Clapper-clawingCompunctious visitings
    tongue is aCompute we may
ClayComrade, new hatch’d
    cold handConcralment
    differs in dignity    like a worm
    humanConcepton of
    mocks us inConclude it best
    tenement ofConclusion
    turn’d to    impotent
    porcelain ofConcord of sweet
CleanCondition unhoused free
    as morning roses    rational
Cleft my heartConference
Climb    makes a ready man
    hard toConfess’d the God
ClimeConfest I shine
Cloak martialConfidence
    covers a manConfin’d
    upbraids meConfute change hands
Clod of the valleyConjectures
Cloth cut according toConnubial resignation
    in aleConquer our fate
Clothe my villany    we shall
Clothes, tatteredConquest
    capp’d towers    cheers
    dragonishConsecrate crime
Clouds rest upon it    goes not
    seeConsequence of applause
    that lower’dConsider I will
    cost you aConsume the thing
Coarse nearConsummation
Cobbler raise a    a
Cock-a-hoopConstable outrun the
    crowingConstancy hang
    villageConstruction liberal in
Cockle Mr. SerjeantConstrue things
CoffinContagious countries
Coil mortalContemplation for, he
    reason forContent a kingdom
Coin    in calm
Coinage of brain    measureless
Cold    therewith to be
    iron    thyself
    like you    with all
    may I lie    with my harm
    porridge    with poverty

  By PanEris using Melati.

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