CAEsar to Choice
Table of contents
    appeal toChambers, perfumed
    hath weptChameleon
Cain made cityChance
Cakes and ale    but direction
Calamities    of things
Caldron bubble    of war
Caledonia    on any
Calf’s skin, hang a    presents
Call a coachChances
Callow youngChange
Calm    nature
CalmlyChanges pass
Calumny    owe to
    will sear virtueChannels deeper wear
Can she forgetChaos
    such things be    come again
    the fond motherChapel
Candid we are becomeChapfallen
    where you canChapter
CandleCharing Cross
    out briefChariot wheels
    to sunCharioteers prince of
Candles are all outCharity
    I snuff’d theCharm for every woe
Candlestick turn’d    native
Cane dirty point of    that lulls
CankerCharmer away
Cannon’s mouthCharter
Canonized    as the wind
CantankerousChartered libertine
Canute the GreatChase
Canvas    us to our graves
CapChaste as Dian
    -a-pé    as ice
Caparisons    as unsunn’d snow
Capitol    as wind-fann’d snow
Capon lin’dChastises those
Captain’s woundsChastity
Captivate    all afraid
Captive bondsChatham
CaptivityCheat as to
CarcanetCheated of being
Cards shuffle theCheek
Care    heaven In
    oppress’d with    of night
    past    rested on
Cares tie up allCheer’d his soul
    dividingCheerful guests
Carp of truthChemist fiddler, &c
Carry ships by landChequer life
Case    double
    in words entanglingChest of drawers
    semblance in another’sChew fancy’s food
Cases theseChewing
Cask pierced    the food
    into moulds    count
    me not offChield’s amang you
Casuists doubt    father of the man
Cat    forget the
    gib    ingratitude in
Cataract    in the man
Catastrophe    knows his own father
Catch    of tobacco
Catechism so ends my    satisfy the
Cater-cousins    sucking
Cauld meat or broth    shews
Cause    stray’d
    light    thrown away
Caution’s lesson scorningChildish treble
Cautious fallChildishness and oblivion
Cave his cellChildren
Caves of ocean    gathering pebbles
Caviare    let loose
Celadon    myself in
Celia struts    of larger growth
Cellar born in    of night
Censorious    sports of
Censure    unruly
    each man’sChildren’s face
    religion does not    looks
Centre sit i’ theChimneys grote of
    to the seaChin new reaped
Ceremony enforcedChina to Peru
Chaff and taresChinks time has made
    two hushels ofChins entailed upon
Chain lengtheningChip
Chains upon his legsChips
    easy    age of
    barber’s    charge with
Chaise and oneChloe what can she want
Chalice, poisonedChoice
Challenged him    ignorance thy

  By PanEris using Melati.

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