Brain to By
Table of contents
Brain coinage ofBrother to shade
Brain him with fanBrow wrinkle on
    light ofBrown jug
    volume of myBrook
Brains cudgel thy    would not
    for drinkingBrooks are welcome
    in wealth    make rivers
    steal awayBrutus is an honourable man
    were outBruis’d with adversity
    without any sageBubble, cauldron
Brass characters of    reputation
    live inBubbles earth hath
    more lasting than    borne like
Brave how sleep the    on the sea
    manBuck of the first head
    on yeBucket in a well
Braved with a skein of thread    suspended
Breach of allBuckingham so much for
    of customBud canker dwells in
    unto the    bit with worm
Bread cast thy    of nobler race
    of banishment    worm i’ the
    others’Buds, musk-rose
    in independent    of May
Breakers than    shake all our
Breakfast ready    masked
    so warmBuffets and rewards
    with what appetiteBuffoon
Breaks a butterflyBuilding
Breast his own clearBuilds a church
    human    his name
Breath batedBullet has its billet
    can make themBully
    of flowersBurden of threescore
    of praiseBurden’d with pain
    out ofBurial rite
    stands stillBurke
Breathes there a manBurn daylight
Breathing o’er their woesBurning another’s
Breeches pocket    kiss
BreedsBush a bear
Breeze pants on the leaves    an officer
Breviary reading    supposed a bear
Bribe too poor for aBusiness depending there
Bride ready for church    keep close to
Bridegroom may forget    o’er
Brief boy brief!    wants not
    as woman’s loveBusy haunts of men
    authority    hum of men
    must beBut not of them
Bright exhalation    one puritan
    reversion in the skyButcher the
BrightestButter sticks upon his bread
Britain changeful as a childButter’d his hay
    to Britain trueButterfly upon a wheel
Britain’s geniusButtocks fits all
Britannia gives reposeBuzzing bee
British handsBy and by is easily said
    wrangs    that sin
Broad-cloth    words
Broke the die
Brocade flutters in
Brother buttered his hay
    each alley has a
    goeth to law
    he was your
    to relieve

  By PanEris using Melati.

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