Babe to Billet
Table of contents
Babes have judgment shewnBeast there makes a man
Babbled ofBeasts a pair of
BabblingBeauties of Europe
Babylon’s towers    of the north
Bachelor    of the night
Back manors onBeautiful appear
    revenue onBeautifully less
Backs turn our    a ruin
Backward    draws us
Bacon    fades
    hangs up for a show    hand in hand
    slice    hangs
Bad begun, strong by ill    ills spring from
    good mother    in distress
    man    in thee
Bag    lingers
    and baggage    not a lip
    before him    not an eye
    behind him    palls
    understand this    sweet
Bags of bullion    thing of
Bait    to
    of falsehood    unmask her
Bajazet begins to rageBeauty waking or asleep
BalaamBeaver on
BalanceBecoming woe
    a strawBed
    be mute at    by night
Balsam    —fellows, strange
Ball kick’d    or for
Ballad-mongersBee sucks
    particular    doth leave her comb
    to an eyebrowBees honey
Ballads in a cart    swarm of
Bane    furnished with
Bank and shoalBeersheba
    and bushBeetle poor
    of violetsBeggar begs
Banks of Nile    lame
Bankrout a    dedicated
Bankrupt in reputation    dumb
    poor and brokenBeggar’d all description
Bankrupts no moreBeggarly
Banner royalBeggary born to
Banners waveBeggars I’ll no more
    hang out ourBeginning
Banquet once a year    of end
    repentance of    lamentable
Baptized in tears    still
Bar from theBegs never
    wrangle at theBeguile the time
Barbarous skillBegun well
Barber’s chairBehold he prayeth
Bards last of allBelief
BarkBelieve my eyes
    of baser kindBelieved in Venice
    of reputationBell dinner
Bark perfidious    I toll’d the
Barley bread in peace    marriage
    water muse    silence that
Barren    sound as
    all    strak the
BaseBells evening
    envy    jangled
    is the slave    village
    usesBend knotted oak
Baser matter    low
    thou unconfinableBenefits on waves
Basilisk unto mine eyeBenevolence warms
Basis on devotion standsBent him o’er
Bath assembly at    on him
    in the warm    top of my
    to theBest may slip
Bathed in fragrant oils    men forget
Battalions sorrows in    remains
Battery action ofBestride
Battle charming thing is aBetray
    division ofBetter foot before
    fire brave the    man than
    freedom’s    or for worse
    rendered in music    part of valour
Battles sieges, fortunesBetty is the tea ready
Be to, or not to beBetwixt the wind
Beach came toBeyond abstain to ask
Beam in thine eyeBible
    kick’d    carries her
    nods    truths
    of candleBibo
BearBig drop
    it calmly    with the fate
    savageness of aBill on fame
    the ills we haveBillet
Beard and head
    cut of a
    of formal cut
    the lion

  By PanEris using Melati.

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