Aaron's to Arise
Table of contents
Aaron’s serpentAlone I did it
Abhor me    never less
Abra came    on earth
    readyAlong the road of life
Abridgement of allAlps on Alps
Absence adds to loveAlter a decree
    coolsAll are gone
    is crime    are of dust
    fonder    bond and privilege
    made the night    forsook the friendless
    never breaks    good to me is lost
    quenches    go into one place
    sweet    kinds of
Absent not forgotten    looks yellow
Abstract brief    may do
    of all faults    men think
    and record    seems infected
Above all GreekAlley has its brother
    all RomanAll’s well
Abundance poor inAllure thee
Abuse pocketAllycholly
Account sent to myAm I to set
Accursed be that tongueAmazement dumb
Accusing spiritAmbition fling away
Achieving still    sterner stuff
Acquaint thyself    vaulting
Acquaintance be forgot    virtue
Acquainted with natureAmbitious finger
    with the universeAmelia
Acquit yourselvesAnalysed I am quite
Act begunAnalytic skill’d in
    well your partAnatomy a mere
Acting wellAncestors come after
Action name ofAngel came
    pious    o’er the dying
Actor eyes on    on outward side
    here    recording
Acts seven ages    she
Adam dolve    to bless
    offendingAngels agree
    goodliest man    fear to tread
Adamant our wrongs on    fell
Admired disorder    must paint
Adoption tried    visits of
Adore the hand    weep
Adorn    would be gods
Adorned the mostAnger
Adorns and cheers    as flint bears fire
Adorning thee    at slander
Adversary    more in sorrow than
Adversaries in lawAngry not always
AdversityAnother’s brow
Adventuring bothAntagonist meet your
Advised watchAnthem for the dead
Affairs in generalAnticipate an ill
Affections dark as ErebusAntidote
    mildAntipodes business with
Affliction taughtAntique story
Affliction’s sons areAntistrophe
Against the king and peaceApace comes on
AgeApathy boast of
    ache penuryApe angry
    and body of time    below
    and clime    in a silken coat
    comfort to myApology too prompt
    dishonour inApostolic blows
    good naturedApothecary
    in wit out    good
    unnecessaryApt to kill
    a lusty winterApparel
    not of an    oft
    of chivalryApparelled like the spring
    of discontentAppeal
    O sirAppendix
    that meltsAppetite
    too shines outAppetite alter
Aged temples    increase of
Ages being seven    stands cook
Agony hopeless    wait on
Agree as angels do    you have
AidApplaud to the echo
Aim poet’sApplause
    with a nearApples
Air    roasting
    bites    swim
    desertAppliances to boot
    earth seasAppointed once
    is stillApprehension
    ocean earthApprobation
    stop theApprove men of sense
Airy airApproving hour
    nothingArbitrate the event
AlcedoniaArbitrator time
AleArcades ambo
    mildArchitect of his fortune
    nut brownArgue
AlmightyArguing too
    dollarArgument alone
    of the NorthArise

  By PanEris using Melati.

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