Yak to Yule-tide


Yak, n. Sarlyk, bubul, grunting-ox (Poëphagus grunniens).

Yap, v. n. See Yaup.

Yard, n.

    1. Enclosure, compound.
    2. Three feet, thirty-six inches.

Yarn, n.

    1. Woollen thread.
    2. (Colloq.) Story, tale.

Yarrow, n. Millefoil (Achillea millefolium).

Yaup, v. n. Yelp, yap, cry (as a child or a bird).

Yawn, v. n.

    1. Gape, oscitate.
    2. Open wide, gape, threaten to engulf.

Yea, ad. Yes, ay, aye.

Yean, v. n. Lamb, bring forth a lamb.

Yearly, a. Annual. See Anniversary, a.

Yearly, ad.

    1. Annually, once a year, every year.
    2. By the year, per annum.

Yearn, v. n. Long, be eager, feel a strong desire, long fondly, long pityingly.

Yeast, n. Barm, ferment, rising, leaven.

Yeasty, a. Barmy, fermenting.

Yell, v. n. Screech, shriek, scream, bawl, squeal, howl, roar, cry out (as with pain or horror).

Yell, n. Screech, shriek, scream, outcry.

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