Theorem to Thought

Theorem, n. Proposition (to be demonstrated), position, dictum, thesis.

Theoretic, Theoretical, a. Speculative, conjectural, hypothetical.

Theorist, n. See Theorizer.

Theorize, v. n. Speculate, form theories.

Theorizer, n. Speculator, theorist, man of abstractions, philosopher.

Theory, n.

    1. Speculation, hypothesis, assumption, conjecture, postulate, plan, scheme, system.
    2. Science, philosophy, doctrine, abstract principles.
    3. Exposition, rationale.
    4. Philosophical explanation.

The people. See The Public.

The poor. The indigent, beggars, paupers, mendicants.

The Porch. The Stoic philosophy, philosophy of Zeno, stoicism.

The Preserver. See God.

The Prince of Darkness. See Satan.

The public. Persons, men, society, the people, the community, the world.

The quality. Nobility, gentry, aristocracy, persons of rank, noblesse.

Therapeutic, Therapeutical, a. Curative.

There, ad. In that place.

Thereabout, Thereabouts, ad.

    1. Nearly, about that, somewhere about that.
    2. Near that place.

Thereafter, ad.

    1. Afterward, subsequently, after that.
    2. Accordingly, according to that.

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