Serried, a. Close, compacted, crowded.

Servant, n.

    1. Servitor, attendant, retainer, subaltern, dependant, subordinate helper.
    2. Menial, domestic, drudge, slave.

Servant-maid, n. Maid-servant, servant-girl, female domestic, serving-maid.

Serve, v. a.

    1. Work for, labor for, be under the orders of, be subservient to, obey, subserve.
    2. Aid, assist, help, succor, attend, oblige, wait on, minister to.
    3. Promote, advance, forward, benefit, contribute to, be of use to, conduce to, assist, besufficient for.
    4. Satisfy, content, be sufficient for.
    5. Treat, behave toward, requite, act toward.
    6. Manage, manipulate, handle, work.
    7. Wait on, attend, supply (with food).
    8. Place, arrange, bring forward, deal, distribute.
    9. Be in lieu of, answer, do duty for.
    10. Comply with, yield to, submit to.

Serve, v. n.

    1. Be a servant, be a slave, be in bondage, be in subjection.
    2. Obey, be dutiful, perform duty.
    3. Answer, do, be sufficient, be of use.
    4. Suit, be convenient, be suitable.

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