Sabaoth to Sangreal


Sabaoth, n. pl. [Heb.] Hosts, armies

Sabbath, n.

    1. [With The prefixed.] Lord’s day, the day of rest, the Christian sabbath, first day of the week (among Christians), seventh day of the week (among jews).
    2. Rest, repose, time of rest.

Sabbatism, n. Rest, intermission of labor.

Sabine, n. Savin (Juniperus Sabina).

Sable, n.

    1. Zibelline, marten (Mustela zibellina).
    2. Pine marten, American sable (Mustela abietum).

Sable, a. Dark, dusky, sombre, ebon, black.

Sabre, n. Cavalry sword, dragoon’s sword, falchion.

Sabulous, a. Sandy, gritty.

Saccharine, a. Sugary, sweet.

Sacerdotal, a. Priestly.

Sacerdotalism, n. Priest-craft.

Sachem, n. American Indian chief, sagamore.

Sack, n.

    1. Bag, pouch.
    2. Spoliation, destruction, desolation, devastation, havoc, waste, ravage, sackage, despoilment.
    3. Booty, spoil, plunder.
    4. Sherry, sherry wine.

Sack, v. a. Ravage, despoil, devastate, spoil, plunder, pillage, take by storm.

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