Nearly to Night-jar

Nearly, ad.

    1. Approximately, not remotely.
    2. Almost, well-nigh, within a little.
    3. Closely, intimately.
    4. Closely, intimately, pressingly.
    5. Stingily, meanly, parsimoniously, penuriously.

Nearness, n.

    1. Closeness, neighborhood, proximity.
    2. Propinquity, consanguinity.
    3. Intimacy, familiarity.
    4. Parsimony, penuriousness, closeness.

Near-sighted, a. Short-sighted, myopic, purblind.

Neat, a.

    1. Clean, cleanly, unsoiled, orderly, trim, tidy.
    2. Nice, spruce, trim, smart.
    3. Chaste, simple, pure.
    4. Pure, unadulterated, unmixed, excellent.
    5. Exact, finished, adroit, clever.
    6. Nice, dainty.
    7. Net, clear, after every deduction.

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