Nab to Near


Nab, v. a. (Colloq.) Seize (suddenly), catch, clutch, grasp, snatch, lay hands on, lay hold on, take possession of.

Nabob, n.

    1. Indian deputy, viceroy, or governor.
    2. Millionnaire, Crœsus, Dives, very rich man, man of great wealth, man of fortune.

Nacre, n. Mother-of-pearl.

Nacreous, a.

    1. Of nacre.
    2. Pearly, iridescent, irisated, opalescent, pavonine, polychromatic, irisated, pearlaceous.

Nævose, a. Spotted, freckled.

Nag, n. Horse (especially a small horse), pony.

Nag, v. a. Torment, worry, pester, hector, harass.

Naiad, n. (Mythol.) Water-nymph.

Nail, n. Claw, talon.

Naïve, a. [Fr.] Artlessness, unaffected, ingenuous, natural, plain, simple, unsophisticated, candid.

Naïveté, n. [Fr.] Artlessness, ingenuousness, naturalness, simplicity, native candor, unaffected plainness.

Naked, a.

    1. Nude, uncovered, bare.
    2. Denuded, unclothed, undressed, in puris naturalibus.
    3. Uncovered.
    4. Exposed, defenceless, unarmed, unprotected, unguarded, open.
    5. Manifest, unconcealed, evident, open, plain, undisguised.
    6. Simple, mere, sheer, bare.

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