Mourn to Mythologic

Mourn, v. n. Grieve, lament, be sorrowful.

Mourn, v. a. Deplore, lament, bewail, bemoan, grieve for, sorrow over.

Mournful, a.

    1. Sad, distressing, afflicting, afflictive, grievous, calamitous, lamentable, melancholy, deplorable, woful.
    2. Sad, melancholy, lugubrious, doleful, sorrowful, heavy.
    3. Sorrowful, sad, unhappy, melancholy, heavy-hearted.

Mournfulness, n. Sorrow, mourning, grief.

Mourning, n.

    1. Lamentation, sorrow, grief.
    2. Weeds, symbol of sorrow.

Mouse, v. n.

    1. Catch mice.
    2. Peer, search, pry about, look closely.

Mouth, n.

    1. Chaps, jaws, cavity between the jaws.
    2. Aperture (in a vessel for receiving or discharging anything), opening, orifice.
    3. Entrance (as of a cave or a river), inlet.
    4. Cry, voice.
    5. Oracle, mouthpiece, speaker, spokesman.
    6. Grimace, wry face, mow.

Mouth, v. n. Vociferate, rant.

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