Monstrously to Mount guard

Monstrously, ad.

    1. Shockingly, terribly, hideously, horribly, unnaturally.
    2. Enormously, extravagantly, excessively.

Montoir, n. [Fr.] Horse-block.

Monument, n.

    1. Memorial, testimonial, remembrancer, record.
    2. Tomb, gravestone, cenotaph.

Monumental, a.

    1. Of a monument.
    2. Memorial, commemorative.

Mood, n. Temper, humor, disposition, vein, frame of mind.

Moody, a.

    1. Humorsome, capricious, variable.
    2. Angry, petulant, irritable, irascible, passionate, snappish, pettish, sour, crusty, crabbed, waspish, captious, snarling, peevish, testy, fretful, ill-tempered, out of humor, out of temper.
    3. Sullen, perverse, wayward, sulky, humorsome, glum, grum, glowering, morose, spleeny, frowning, stubborn, dogged, intractable, cross-grained.
    4. Gloomy, melancholy, sad, pensive, abstracted, saturnine.

Moon, n.

    1. Satellite, secondary planet.
    2. Month, lunation.

Moon-calf, n.

    1. Monster, deformed creature.

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