Habiliment to Hammer and tongs


Habiliment, n. Dress, garment, clothes, apparel, raiment, vesture, garb, habit, costume, vestment.

Habit, n.

    1. Condition (of the body), constitution, temperament.
    2. Custom (of an individual), usage, wont, practice, habitude, way, manner, second nature.
    3. Dress, garb. See habiliment.

Habit, v. a. Dress, clothe, array, attire, accoutre.

Habitable, a. Inhabitable.

Habitancy, n. Inhabitancy, residence, legal settlement.

Habitat, n. Natural locality (of a plant or an animal), area of distribution.

Habitation, n. Abode, dwelling, lodging, domicile, quarters, headquarters, dwelling-place, place of abode, place of residence.

Habitual, a. Usual, customary, accustomed, wonted, common, regular, ordinary, familiar, every-day.

Habituate, v. a. Accustom, familiarize, inure, use, train, harden.

Habitude, n. Custom, usage, practice, wont. See habit.

Hacienda, n. [Sp.] Plantation, farm, estate.

Hack, v. a. Cut (clumsily), hew, chop, mangle, hackle, haggle.

Hack, n.

    1. Notch, cut.
    2. Hired horse, worn-out horse.
    3. Drudge, over-worked man.

Hack, a. Hired, mercenary, hireling, hackney.

Hackee, n. [U. S.] Chipmunk, striped squirrel, ground-squirrel, chipping squirrel.

Hackle, v. a.

    1. Cut (clumsily), hew, chop, hack, haggle, mangle.
    2. Hatchel, dress (flex).

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