Fallacy to Fashion

Fallacy, n.

    1. Illusion, deception, deceit, delusion, mistake, error, misconception, misapprehension.
    2. Sophism, paralogism, sophistry, deceitful or worthless argument.

Fall among. Come among, get among, come suddenly or unexpectedly among, happen to be among, happen to be the company of.

Fall away.

    1. Pine, grow lean, be emaciated, lose flesh.
    2. Backslide, apostatize, fall off.
    3. Defect, revolt, become disloyal or disaffected, forsake the cause of.

Fall back.

    1. Recede, retreat, give way, retire, yield.
    2. [With on or upon.] Rally, retreat, retire.

Fallibility, n. Frailty, imperfection, uncertainty, liability to error.

Fallible, a. Frail, imperfect, weak, ignorant, uncertain, erring, liable to error or mistake.

Fall in.

    1. (mil.) Come into line, form into ranks.
    2. Concur, consent, agree, assent, acquiesce, go with the stream, go with the current.

Falling-sickness, n. Epilepsy.

Falling-star, n. Shooting-star, meteor.

Fall in with.

    1. Meet, encounter.
    2. Comply with, assent to, come into.

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