Crotchet to Czarowitz

Crotchet, n. Whim, freak, quirk, quirk, vagary, whimsey, fancy, caprice, maggot in the brain.

Crotchety, a. Whimsical, fantastic, fantastical, odd, queer, fanciful, capricious, humorsome, wayward, fitful, freakish.

Crouch, v. n.

    1. Couch, squat, lie flat, stoop low, lie close to the ground.
    2. Cower, cringe, fawn, truckle.

Croup, n.

    1. Rump (especially of a horse), buttocks, crupper.
    2. (Med.) Cynanche (trachealis).

Crow, v. n. Boast, brag, vaunt, bluster, swagger, vapor, triumph, gasconade, chuckle, exult.

Crowd, n.

    1. Throng, multitude, concourse, host, herd, horde.
    2. Rabble, mob, populace, vulgar herd, lower classes, lower orders, common people, ignobile vulgus, profanum vulgus.

Crowd, v. a.

    1. Fill by compression, fill to excess.
    2. Compress, cram, press, press together.
    3. Throng about, press upon.

Crowd, v. n.

    1. Swarm, flock together, be numerous, come thick.
    2. Press forward, make one’s way, elbow one’s way.

Crown, n.

    1. Diadem.

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