Copy to Counterfeit

Copy, v. a.

    1. Transcribe, make a transcript of, make a copy of.
    2. Imitate, follow as a pattern, pattern after.

Copyist, n.

    1. Transcriber, copier.
    2. Imitator.

Coquet, v. n. Flirt, philander, make love, make a show of love, affect to be in love, play at courtship.

Coquetry, n. Flirtation, affectation of love.

Coquette, n. Flirt, jilt.

Coquimbite, n. White copperas.

Coranach, n. [Written also Coronach and Coranich.] Dirge, funeral song or lament.

Cord, n. String, line, small rope.

Cordate, a. Cordiform, heart-shaped.

Cordial, a.

    1. Hearty, warm, ardent, affectionate, earnest, sincere, heartfelt.
    2. Grateful, pleasant, refreshing, invigorating, restorative.

Cordial, n.

    1. Stomachic, stomachal, stimulating medicine.
    2. Liqueur, aromatized spirit.

Cordiality, n. Heartiness, sincerity, ardor of affection, warmth of feeling, affectionate regard.

Cordiform, a. Cordate, heart-shaped.

Cordwain, n. Spanish or Cordovan leather, goatskin.

Cordwainer, n. Shoemaker.

Core, n Heart, inner part, inmost part, essential part, essence, centre.

Coriaceous, a. Leathery, tough.

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