Chickweed wintergreen, a low perennial primulaceous herb (Trientalis Americana); — also called star flower.Flowering wintergreen, a low plant (Polygala paucifolia) with leaves somewhat like those of the wintergreen and bearing a few showy, rose-purple blossoms.Spotted wintergreen, a low evergreen plant (Chimaphila maculata) with ovate, white-spotted leaves.

(Win"ter-ground`) v. t. To coved over in the season of winter, as for protection or shelter; as, to winter- ground the roods of a plant.

The ruddock would . . . bring thee all this,
Yea, and furred moss besides, when flowers are none
To winter- ground thy corse.

(Win"ter*kill`) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Winterkilled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Winterkilling.] To kill by the cold, or exposure to the inclemency of winter; as, the wheat was winterkilled. [U. S.]

(Win"ter*ly), a. Like winter; wintry; cold; hence, disagreeable, cheerless; as, winterly news. [R.] Shak.

The sir growing more winterly in the month of April.

(Win"ter-proud`) a. Having too rank or forward a growth for winter.

When either corn is winter-proud, or other plants put forth and bud too early.

(Win"ter-rig`) v. t. [See Winter and Ridge.] To fallow or till in winter. [Prov. Eng.]

Winter's bark
(Win"ter's bark`) (Bot.) The aromatic bark of tree (Drimys, or Drymis, Winteri) of the Magnolia family, which is found in Southern Chili. It was first used as a cure for scurvy by its discoverer, Captain John Winter, vice admiral to sir Francis Drake, in 1577.

(Win"ter*tide`) n. Winter time. Tennyson.

(Win"ter*weed`) n. (Bot.) A kind of speedwell (Veronica hederifolia) which spreads chiefly in winter. Dr. Prior.

(Win"ter*y) a. Wintry.

(Win"try) a. [AS. wintrig.] Suitable to winter; resembling winter, or what belongs to winter; brumal; hyemal; cold; stormy; wintery.

Touch our chilled hearts with vernal smile,
Our wintry course do thou beguile.

(Win"y) a. Having the taste or qualities of wine; vinous; as, grapes of a winy taste. Dampier.

(Winze) n. (Mining.) A small shaft sunk from one level to another, as for the purpose of ventilation.

(Wipe) n. [Cf. Sw. vipa, Dan. vibe, the lapwing.] (Zoöl.) The lapwing. [Prov. Eng.]

Winter-beaten to Wise

(Win"ter-beat`en) a. Beaten or harassed by the severe weather of winter. Spenser.

(Win"ter*green`) n. (Bot.) A plant which keeps its leaves green through the winter.

In England, the name wintergreen is applied to the species of Pyrola which in America are called English wintergreen, and shin leaf (see Shin leaf, under Shin.) In America, the name wintergreen is given to Gaultheria procumbens, a low evergreen aromatic plant with oval leaves clustered at the top of a short stem, and bearing small white flowers followed by red berries; — called also checkerberry, and sometimes, though improperly, partridge berry.

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