Whipping post, a post to which offenders are tied, to be legally whipped.

(Whip"ple*tree`) n. [See Whip, and cf. Whiffletree.]

1. The pivoted or swinging bar to which the traces, or tugs, of a harness are fastened, and by which a carriage, a plow, or other implement or vehicle, is drawn; a whiffletree; a swingletree; a singletree. See Singletree.

[People] cut their own whippletree in the woodlot.

2. (Bot.) The cornel tree. Chaucer.

(Whip"-poor-will`) n. (Zoöl.) An American bird (Antrostomus vociferus) allied to the nighthawk and goatsucker; — so called in imitation of the peculiar notes which it utters in the evening. [Written also whippowil.]

(Whip"saw`) n. A saw for dividing timber lengthwise, usually set in a frame, and worked by two persons; also, a fret saw.

(Whip"-shaped`) a. Shaped like the lash of a whip; long, slender, round, and tapering; as, a whip- shaped root or stem.

(Whip"staff`) n. (Naut.) A bar attached to the tiller, for convenience in steering.

(Whip"stalk`) n. A whipstock.

(Whip"ster) n. [Whip + - ster.] A nimble little fellow; a whippersnapper.

Every puny whipster gets my sword.

bonasus, or R. quadriloba) of the Atlantic coast of the United States. Its snout appears to be four-lobed when viewed in front, whence it is also called cow-nosed ray.

(Whip"per) n.

1. One who whips; especially, an officer who inflicts the penalty of legal whipping.

2. One who raises coal or merchandise with a tackle from a chip's hold. [Eng.]

3. (Spinning) A kind of simple willow.

(Whip"per*in`) n.

1. A huntsman who keeps the hounds from wandering, and whips them in, if necessary, to the of chase.

2. Hence, one who enforces the discipline of a party, and urges the attendance and support of the members on all necessary occasions.

(Whip"per*snap`per) n. A diminutive, insignificant, or presumptuous person. [Colloq.] "Little whippersnappers like you." T. Hughes.

(Whip"ping) a & n. from Whip, v.

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