Voluntary waste. (Law) See Waste, n., 4.

Syn. — See Spontaneous.

(Vol"un*ta*ry), n.; pl. Voluntaries

1. One who engages in any affair of his own free will; a volunteer. [R.] Shak.

2. (Mus.) A piece played by a musician, often extemporarily, according to his fancy; specifically, an organ solo played before, during, or after divine service.

3. (Eccl.) One who advocates voluntaryism.

(Vol"un*ta*ry*ism) n. (Eccl.) The principle of supporting a religious system and its institutions by voluntary association and effort, rather than by the aid or patronage of the state.

(Vol`un*teer") n. [F. volontaire. See Voluntary, a.]

1. One who enters into, or offers for, any service of his own free will.

2. (Mil.) One who enters into service voluntarily, but who, when in service, is subject to discipline and regulations like other soldiers; — opposed to conscript; specifically, a voluntary member of the organized militia of a country as distinguished from the standing army.

3. (Law) A grantee in a voluntary conveyance; one to whom a conveyance is made without valuable consideration; a party, other than a wife or child of the grantor, to whom, or for whose benefit, a voluntary conveyance is made. Burrill.

(Vol`un*teer"), a. Of or pertaining to a volunteer or volunteers; consisting of volunteers; voluntary; as, volunteer companies; volunteer advice.

(Vol`un*teer"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Volunteered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Volunteering.] To offer or bestow voluntarily, or without solicitation or compulsion; as, to volunteer one's services.

(Vol`un*teer"), v. i. To enter into, or offer for, any service of one's own free will, without solicitation or compulsion; as, he volunteered in that undertaking.

(Vol"u*pere) n. [Cf. Envelop.] A woman's cap. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Vo*lup"tu*a*ry) n.; pl. Voluptuaries [L. voluptuarius or voluptarius, fr. voluptas pleasure.] A voluptuous person; one who makes his physical enjoyment his chief care; one addicted to luxury, and the gratification of sensual appetites.

A good-humored, but hard-hearted, voluptuary.
Sir W. Scott.

Syn. — Sensualist; epicure.

(Vo*lup"tu*a*ry), a. Voluptuous; luxurious.

(Vo*lup"tu*ous) a. [F. voluptueux, L. voluptuosus, fr. voluptas pleasure, volup agreeably, delightfully; probably akin to Gr. to hope, hope, and to L. velle to wish. See Voluntary.]

Law) See Contentious jurisdiction, under Contentious.

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