2. Being in the greatest or highest degree, quantity, number, or the like; greatest; as, the utmost assiduity; the utmost harmony; the utmost misery or happiness.

He shall answer . . . to his utmost peril.

Six or seven thousand is their utmost power.

(Ut"most`), n. The most that can be; the farthest limit; the greatest power, degree, or effort; as, he has done his utmost; try your utmost.

We have tried the utmost of our friends.

(U*to"pi*a) n. [NL., fr. Gr. not + a place.]

1. An imaginary island, represented by Sir Thomas More, in a work called Utopia, as enjoying the greatest perfection in politics, laws, and the like. See Utopia, in the Dictionary of Noted Names in Fiction.

2. Hence, any place or state of ideal perfection.

(U*to"pi*an) a. Of or pertaining to Utopia; resembling Utopia; hence, ideal; chimerical; fanciful; founded upon, or involving, imaginary perfections; as, Utopian projects; Utopian happiness.

(U*to"pi*an), n. An inhabitant of Utopia; hence, one who believes in the perfectibility of human society; a visionary; an idealist; an optimist. Hooker.

(U*to"pi*an*ism) n. The ideas, views, aims, etc., of a Utopian; impracticable schemes of human perfection; optimism.

(U*to"pi*an*ist), n. An Utopian; an optimist.

(U*to"pic*al) a. Utopian; ideal. [Obs.] "Utopical perfection." Bp. Hall.

(U*to"pist) n. A Utopian.

(U"tra*quist) n. [L. uterque, fem. utraque, both.] One who receives the eucharist in both kinds; esp., one of a body of Hussites who in the 15th century fought for the right to do this. Called also Calixtines.

(U"tri*cle) n. [L. utriculus a little womb, a calycle, dim. of uter, utris, a bag or bottle made of an animal's hide: cf. F. utricule.]

1. A little sac or vesicle, as the air cell of fucus, or seaweed.

2. (Physiol.) A microscopic cell in the structure of an egg, animal, or plant.

3. (Bot.) A small, thin-walled, one-seeded fruit, as of goosefoot. Gray.

4. (Anat.) A utriculus.

(U*tric"u*lar) a. [Cf. F. utriculaire.]

1. Of or pertaining to a utricle, or utriculus; containing, or furnished with, a utricle or utricles; utriculate; as, a utricular plant.

2. Resembling a utricle or bag, whether large or minute; — said especially with reference to the condition of certain substances, as sulphur, selenium, etc., when condensed from the vaporous state and deposited upon cold bodies, in which case they assume the form of small globules filled with liquid.

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