Undress parade(Mil.), a substitute for dress parade, allowed in bad weather, the companies forming without arms, and the ceremony being shortened.

(Un*du"bi*ta*ble) a. Indubitable; as, an undubitable principle. [Obs.] Locke.

(Un*due") a.

1. Not due; not yet owing; as, an undue debt, note, or bond.

2. Not right; not lawful or legal; improper; as, an undue proceeding. Bacon.

3. Not agreeable to a rule or standard, or to duty; disproportioned; excessive; immoderate; inordinate; as, an undue attachment to forms; an undue rigor in the execution of law.

Undue influence(Law), any improper or wrongful constraint, machination, or urgency of persuasion, by which one's will is overcome and he is induced to do or forbear an act which he would not do, or would do, if left to act freely. Abbott.

(Un*due"ness), n. The quality of being undue.

(Un*duke") v. t. [1st pref. un- + duke.] To deprive of dukedom. Swift.

(Un"du*lant) a. Undulating. [R.]

(Un"du*la*ry) a. [See Undulate.] Moving like waves; undulatory. [Obs.] Sir T. Browne.

(Un"du*late) a. [L. undulatus undulated, wavy, a dim. from unda a wave; cf. AS. Icel. unnr; perhaps akin to E. water. Cf. Abound, Inundate, Redound, Surround.] Same as Undulated.

(Un"du*late) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Undulated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Undulating.] To cause to move backward and forward, or up and down, in undulations or waves; to cause to vibrate.

Breath vocalized, that is, vibrated and undulated.

(Un"du*late), v. i. To move in, or have, undulations or waves; to vibrate; to wave; as, undulating air.

(Un"du*la`ted) a.

1. Resembling, or in the nature of, waves; having a wavy surface; undulatory.

2. (Bot.) Waved obtusely up and down, near the margin, as a leaf or corolla; wavy.

3. (Zoöl.) Formed with elevations and depressions resembling waves; having wavelike color markings; as, an undulated shell.

(Un"du*la`ting), a. Rising and falling like waves; resembling wave form or motion; undulatory; rolling; wavy; as, an undulating medium; undulating ground.Un"du*la`ting*ly. adv.

(Un`du*la"tion) n. [Cf. F. ondulation.]

1. The act of undulating; a waving motion or vibration; as, the undulations of a fluid, of water, or of air; the undulations of sound.

2. A wavy appearance or outline; waviness. Evelyn.

2. (Mil. & Naval) An authorized habitual dress of officers and soldiers, but not full-dress uniform.

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