(Tu*ra"ni*an) n. One of the Turanians.

(Tu*ra"ni*ans) n. pl. (Ethnol.) (a) An extensive division of mankind including the Mongols and allied races of Asia, together with the Malays and Polynesians. (b) A group of races or tribes inhabiting Asia and closely related to the Mongols.

(Tu"ratt) n. (Zoöl.) The hare kangaroo.

(Tur"ban) n. [OE. turband, turbant, tolibant, F. turban, It. turbante, Turk. tulbend, dulbend, fr. Per. dulband. Cf. Tulip.]

1. A headdress worn by men in the Levant and by most Mohammedans of the male sex, consisting of a cap, and a sash, scarf, or shawl, usually of cotton or linen, wound about the cap, and sometimes hanging down the neck.

2. A kind of headdress worn by women.

3. (Zoöl.) The whole set of whorls of a spiral shell.

(Tur"band) n. A turban. Balfour

(Tur"baned) a. Wearing a turban. " A malignant and a turbaned Turk." Shak.

(Tur"ban-shell`) n. (Zoöl.) A sea urchin when deprived of its spines; — popularly so called from a fancied resemblance to a turban.

(Tur"bant) n. A turban. [Obs.] Milton.

I see the Turk nodding with his turbant.

(Tur"ban-top`) n. (Bot.) A kind of fungus with an irregularly wrinkled, somewhat globular pileus

(Tur"ba*ry) n.; pl. Turbaries [LL. turbaria a place for digging peat, from turba peat. See Turf.] (Eng. Law) A right of digging turf on another man's land; also, the ground where turf is dug.

(||Tur`bel*la"ri*a) n. pl. [NL., dim. fr. L. turbo a whirling.] (Zoöl.) An extensive group of worms which have the body covered externally with vibrating cilia. It includes the Rhabdocœla and Dendrocœla. Formerly, the nemerteans were also included in this group.

(Tur`bel*la"ri*an) n. (Zoöl.) One of the Turbellaria. Also used adjectively.

(Tur"beth) n. See Turpeth.

(Tur"bid) a. [L. turbidus, from turba tumult, disturbance, akin to turbare to disturb. See Trouble, and cf. Disturb, Perturb.]

1. Having the lees or sediment disturbed; roiled; muddy; thick; not clear; — used of liquids of any kind; as, turbid water; turbid wine.

On that strong, turbid water, a small boat,
Guided by one weak hand, was seen to float.

2. Disturbed; confused; disordered. " Such turbid intervals that use to attend close prisoners." Howell.

(Tur*bid"i*ty) n. Turbidness.

(Tur"bid*ly) adv.

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