To bide tryst, to wait, at the appointed time, for one with whom a tryst or engagement is made; to keep an engagement or appointment.

The tenderest-hearted maid
That ever bided tryst at village stile.

(Tryst), v. t. [OE. tristen, trysten. See Tryst, n.]

1. To trust. [Obs.]

2. To agree with to meet at a certain place; to make an appointment with. [Scot.] Burns.

(Tryst), v. i. To mutually agree to meet at a certain place. [Scot.]

(Tryst"er) n. One who makes an appointment, or tryst; one who meets with another.

(Tryst"ing), n. An appointment; a tryst.

Trysting day, an arranged day of meeting or assembling, as of soldiers, friends, and the like.

And named a trysting day,
And bade his messengers ride forth
East and west and south and north,
To summon his array.

Trysting place, a place designated for the assembling of soldiers, the meeting of parties for an interview, or the like; a rendezvous. Byron.

Trygon to Tubulated

(||Try"gon) n. [L., a sting ray, from Gr. a kind of fish with a prickle in the tail.] (Zoöl.) Any one of several species of large sting rays belonging to Trygon and allied genera.

(Try"ing), a. Adapted to try, or put to severe trial; severe; afflictive; as, a trying occasion or position.

(Tryp"sin) n. [Cr. a rubbing, fr. to rub, grind. So called because it causes proteid matter to break up or to fall apart.] (physiol.) A proteolytic ferment, or enzyme, present in the pancreatic juice. Unlike the pepsin of the gastric juice, it acts in a neutral or alkaline fluid, and not only converts the albuminous matter of the food into soluble peptones, but also, in part, into leucin and tyrosin.

(Tryp*sin"o*gen) n. [Trypsin + - gen.] (Physiol.) The antecedent of trypsin, a substance which is contained in the cells of the pancreas and gives rise to the trypsin.

(Tryp"tic) a. (Physiol.) Relating to trypsin or to its action; produced by trypsin; as, trypsin digestion.

(Tryp"tone) n. (Physiol. Chem.) The peptone formed by pancreatic digestion; — so called because it is formed through the agency of the ferment trypsin.

(Try"sail) n. (Naut.) A fore- and-aft sail, bent to a gaff, and hoisted on a lower mast or on a small mast, called the trysail mast, close abaft a lower mast; — used chiefly as a storm sail. Called also spencer. Totten.

(Try"-square`) n. An instrument used by carpenters, joiners, etc., for laying off right angles off right angles, and testing whether work is square.

(Tryst) n. [OE. trist, tryst, a variant of trust; cf. Icel. treysta to make trusty, fr. traust confidence, security. See Trust, n.]

1. Trust. [Obs.]

2. An appointment to meet; also, an appointed place or time of meeting; as, to keep tryst; to break tryst. [Scot. or Poetic]

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