3. A stout stem, as of a tree, with the branches lopped off, to produce rapid growth. Gardner.

(Trun"cheon), v. t. To beat with a truncheon. Shak.

(Trun"cheoned) a. Having a truncheon.

(Trun`cheon*eer") n. A person armed with a truncheon. [Written also truncheoner.]

(||Trun"cus) n. [L.] (Zoöl.) The thorax of an insect. See Trunk, n., 5.

(Trun"dle) n. [AS. tryndel a little shield. See Trend, v. i.]

1. A round body; a little wheel.

2. A lind of low-wheeled cart; a truck.

3. A motion as of something moving upon little wheels or rollers; a rolling motion.

4. (Mach.) (a) A lantern wheel. See under Lantern. (b) One of the bars of a lantern wheel.

(Trun"dle), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Trundled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Trundling ]

1. To roll (a thing) on little wheels; as, to trundle a bed or a gun carriage.

2. To cause to roll or revolve; to roll along; as, to trundle a hoop or a ball. R. A. Proctor.

(Trun"dle), v. i.

1. To go or move on small wheels; as, a bed trundles under another.

2. To roll, or go by revolving, as a hoop.

(Trun"dle-bed`) n. A low bed that is moved on trundles, or little wheels, so that it can be pushed under a higher bed; a truckle-bed; also, sometimes, a simiral bed without wheels. Chapman.

(Trun"dle*head`) n.

1. (Gearing) One of the disks forming the ends of a lantern wheel or pinion.

2. The drumhead of a capstan; especially, the drumhead of the lower of two capstans on the sane axis.

(Trun"dle*tail`) n. A round or curled-up tail; also, a dog with such a tail. Shak.

(Trunk) n. [F. tronc, L. truncus, fr. truncus maimed, mutilated; perhaps akin to torquere to twist wrench, and E. torture. Trunk in the sense of proboscis is fr. F. trompe (the same word as trompe a trumpet), but has been confused in English with trunk the stem of a tree Cf. Truncate.]

1. The stem, or body, of a tree, apart from its limbs and roots; the main stem, without the branches; stock; stalk.

About the mossy trunk I wound me soon,
For, high from ground, the branches would require
Thy utmost reach.

2. The body of an animal, apart from the head and limbs.

3. The main body of anything; as, the trunk of a vein or of an artery, as distinct from the branches.

4. (Arch) That part of a pilaster which is between the base and the capital, corresponding to the shaft of a column.

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