Trochal disk(Zoöl.), the cephalic disk of a rotifer. It is usually surrounded by a fringe of cilia.

(||Tro*chan"ter) n. [NL., fr. Gr. .]

1. (Anat.) One of two processes near the head of the femur, the outer being called the great trochanter, and the inner the small trochanter.

2. (Zoöl.) The third joint of the leg of an insect, or the second when the trochantine is united with the coxa.

(Tro`chan*ter"ic) a. (Anat.) Of or pertaining to one or both of the trochanters.

(Tro*chan"tine) n. (Zoöl.) The second joint of the leg of an insect, — often united with the coxa.

(Tro"char) n. (Surg.) See Trocar.

(Tro"che) n. [Gr. trocho`s anything round or circular, a wheel, properly, a runner, fr. tre`chein to run. Cf. Trochee.] (Pharm.) A medicinal tablet or lozenge; strictly, one of circular form.

(Tro"chee) n. [L. trochaeus, Gr. from running, from to run. Cf. Troche, Truck a wheel.] (Pros.) A foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short, as in the Latin word ante, or the first accented and the second unaccented, as in the English word motion; a choreus.

(Tro"chil) n. [Cf. F. trochile. See Trochilus.] (Zoöl.) The crocodile bird.

The crocodile . . . opens his chaps to let the trochil in to pick his teeth, which gives it the usual feeding.
Sir T. Herbert.

(||Troch"i*li) n. pl. [NL. See Trochilus.] (Zoöl.) A division of birds comprising the humming birds.

(Tro*chil"ic) a. [See Trochilics.] OF or pertaining to rotary motion; having power to draw out or turn round. "By art trochilic." Camden.

(Tro*chil"ics) n. [Gr. the sheaf of a pulley, roller of a windlass, from to run.] The science of rotary motion, or of wheel work. Wilkins.

(Tro*chil"i*dist) n. [See Trochilus.] One who studies, or is versed in, the nature and habits of humming birds, or the Trochilidæ. Gould.

(||Troch"i*los) n. [NL. See Trochilus.] (Zoöl.) The crocodile bird, or trochil.

Troat to Troopfowl

(Troat) v. i. [Either onomatopoetic, or akin to throat.] To cry, as a buck in rutting time.

(Troat), n. The cry of a buck in rutting time.

(Tro"car) n. [F. trocart (or trois-quarts, i. e., three quarters); trois three (L. tres) + carre the side of a sword blade; — so called from its triangular point.] (Surg.) A stylet, usually with a triangular point, used for exploring tissues or for inserting drainage tubes, as in dropsy. [Written also trochar.]

(Tro*cha"ic) n. (Pros.) A trochaic verse or measure. Dryden.

(Tro*cha"ic Tro*cha"ic*al) a. [L. trochaïcus, Gr. or . See Trochee.] (Pros.) Of or pertaining to trochees; consisting of trochees; as, trochaic measure or verse.

(Tro"chal) a. [From Gr. a wheel.] (Zoöl.) Resembling a wheel.

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