Trash ice, crumbled ice mixed with water.

(Trash), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Trashed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Trashing.]

1. To free from trash, or worthless matter; hence, to lop; to crop, as to trash the rattoons of sugar cane. B. Edwards.

2. To treat as trash, or worthless matter; hence, to spurn, humiliate, or crush. [Obs.]

3. To hold back by a trash or leash, as a dog in pursuing game; hence, to retard, encumber, or restrain; to clog; to hinder vexatiously. [R.] Beau. & Fl.

(Trash), v. i. To follow with violence and trampling. [R.] The Puritan

(Trash"i*ly) adv. In a trashy manner.

(Trash"i*ness), n. The quality or state of being trashy.

(Trash"y) a. [Compar. Trashier ; superl. Trashiest.] Like trash; containing much trash; waste; rejected; worthless; useless; as, a trashy novel.

(Trass) n. [D. tras or Gr. trass, probably fr. It. terrazzo terrace. See Terrace.] (Geol.) A white to gray volcanic tufa, formed of decomposed trachytic cinders; — sometimes used as a cement. Hence, a coarse sort of plaster or mortar, durable in water, and used to line cisterns and other reservoirs of water. [Formerly written also tarras, tarrace, terras.]

The Dutch trass is made by burning and grinding a soft grayish rock found on the lower Rhine.

(Trau"lism) n. [Gr. a lisping, fr. to lisp, to mispronounce.] A stammering or stuttering. [Obs.] Dalgarno.

(Trau*mat"ic) a. [L. traumaticus, Gr. from a wound: cf. F. traumatique.] (Med.) (a) Of or pertaining to wounds; applied to wounds. Coxe. (b) Adapted to the cure of wounds; vulnerary. Wiseman. (c) Produced by wounds; as, traumatic tetanus.n. A traumatic medicine.

(Trau"ma*tism) n. (Med.) A wound or injury directly produced by causes external to the body; also, violence producing a wound or injury; as, rupture of the stomach caused by traumatism.

(Traunce) n. & v. See Trance. [Obs.]

(Traunt) v. i. Same as Trant. [Obs.]

(Traunt"er) n. Same as Tranter. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

(Trav"ail) n. [F. travail; cf. Pr. trabalh, trebalh, toil, torment, torture; probably from LL. trepalium a place where criminals are tortured, instrument of torture. But the French word may be akin to L. trabs a beam, or have been influenced by a derivative from trabs Cf. Travel.]

1. Labor with pain; severe toil or exertion.

As everything of price, so this doth require travail.

2. Parturition; labor; as, an easy travail.

3. A worthless person. [R.] Shak.

4. A collar, leash, or halter used to restrain a dog in pursuing game. Markham.

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